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  1. Hi Kaysteel,i read your example pid program.i don't understand why you Move #8000 in DATA1 when you use APR instructions,I do not understand what the # 8000 number means, can you explain it to me?I want to control pressure read from the pressure sensor 0 to 10bar with the signal range is 4 - 20 mA how to do, i just plc omron programming so not very understanding


  2. PIDAT Program setting

    Your servo motor should have a feedback signal to do positioning..Turning the motor alone wont help the actuator..becoz the motor is been actuated and the arm tends to move..to what extend?..the plc need to know..Your instrumentation is lacking some device to function..
  3. CP1E modbus-rtu to acs550

    Finally i have manage to get the right codes and calling function to start the drive and set the freq speed needed.. will post it out..
  4. CP1E modbus-rtu to acs550

    hye guys manage to get the drive temperature reading from the drive.. now trying to start the drive ..very slow progress..
  5. CP1E modbus-rtu to acs550

    Hi..there.. Need help from this forum if have any experience CP1E communicate with ABB ACS550 using modbus rtu 1) would like to start and stop function 2) Speed reference Bit mess up with the codes.. regards
  6. Help with PID(190)

    The given example is for input range of 0-250 (u can change this range to ur range)..and ensure all DM used in that programming has not been used in other rung..u can use the output to control ur valve (4-20ma).. Hope its help..
  7. Help with PID(190)

    Yes you need to scale up the required input range of ur pid instruction. Input range and oother parameter need to define in ur programming in order for the pid to work In order hand..you may copy the example programming and if you edit it enough..you might be able to use it for ur control..it just a matter of how u edit the programming.   
  8. 3G3JX communication to ACS550 (ABB's inverter)

    How did u do it..bro..
  9. Using SET/RESET more than 1 times in a program

    Its quite norm..
  10. Help with PID(190)

    Have you read this thread..maybe it could help http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/topic/30433-pidat-program-setting/  
  11. PIDAT Program setting

    hi...here are the example prog.hope it helps.. This application is to control temperature 0-250deg with thermo oil control valve 4-20ma output   regards.. PID Example.cxp
  12. PIDAT Program setting

    Hi..everyone..finally I manage to figure out how setup the pidat structure..I will post the sample program tomorrow..hopefully it might be usefull for someone that need it.. At the moment am replying using my phone..
  13. PIDAT Program setting

    Thank you for the reply.. Yes you are right..I did defined the sampling period in the program at the first place and i removed it just to ensure that the P_ERR is not set from the wrongly set the sampling time.Currently i am a bit confused with the parameter setting of the PID Instruction. The PID setting will be set from the HMI.(Maintenace mode page) The P_ERR always set error when i set to auto mode from the NBQ HMI..According to the manual the P_ERR will be set if   • ON if the C data is out of range. • ON if the actual sampling period is more than twice the designated sampling period. • ON while it is recognized as an error if the manipulated variable does not change in 9999 seconds by limit-cycle during autotuning. • OFF in all other cases. Therefore i am trying to isolate the problem since i am not sure which condition that trigger the error bit. I think my c data setting are not correct. I already simulated the analogue input by injecting 4-20ma signal and it does varies accordingly. But the output stand still does not change although i set the SP accordingly to initiate the PID. Obviously it is due to the P_ERR has been triggered. Kindly if you can just give a look on the parameter setting of the PID especially the input and output range. Iam not sure how to set those parameter. Is my input and output setting are right?
  14. PIDAT Program setting

    I am not so sure if my range setting is correct..giving this P_ERR on bit..
  15. PIDAT Program setting

    Greetings to everyone.. I am trying to set up PIDAT instruction for CP1E omron plc.. I have done all the apr scaling inputs to accomodate the PIDAT structure..but when i download to the plc and set the PIDAT in auto mode..the PIDAT error P_ERR trigger..am not sure where the fault is..appreciate if someone can have a look into my prog setting.   Cyclone01TEST.cxp Cyclone01TEST.cxp