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  1. SLC 500 IP address

    The Ethernet IP driver in Linx will show the IP address of all Ethernet IP devices on the network, but the PC must be on the same network. Other option would be to go online with the serial port.
  2. Version 8.2 will only compile back to 5.0
  3. Factory Talk issue.

    This is how I convert the old tag database using Windows 7 32 bit on a VM: Import project .apa or .mer using Applications Manager,  open it in ViewStudio, close it, then archive using Application Manager. Copy and restore in 64 bit OS.
  4. RS LInk Version=2.55.00

    Linx 2.55 isn't compatible with XP SP3 or newer.
  5. RS Linx Installation Issue

    The PIC device doesn't work on Windows XP SP3 and newer, the replacement is the 1747-UIC. The lite version of Linx is free so you could download the latest version.
  6. Factory Talk view ME and SE

    ME is used to program Panelview Plus HMIs but a runtime license can be purchased to run on a PC. SE is for SCADAs and can run on a single PC or on many PCs in different locations. SE licensing is more complex also.
  7. Updating an old laptop

    RSL500 v6.2 isn't compatible with Windows 7,  could run it in a VM using XP.  The activations  will need to be moved to the new PC, probably using master disk activation so will need to be converted to use the activation manager software, call Rockwell activations. If you have support with Rockwell you can upgrade your software to the latest version.