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  1. Cimplicity Auto Report Generation

    Dear All, I am having a problem with my cimplicity Auto Report Generation, When I Click on Generate Report, it shows "0 values collected" does anyone knows what's possibly could gone wrong here ??
  2. Convert analog KW to KWH daily total.

    Plz Share with us yours UDT, and screenshots of ur Ladder Logic
  3. Ladder Logic Daily Energy Consumption Calculation

    How to form Ladder Logic For Calculating the Daily Energy Consumption i.e energyconsumed in 24hrs. With Reset .
  4. Change Management LogIn(lost password

    I cant able to make any changes on the points (datatype from INT to DINT) on cimplicity workbench  everything thing is greyout!! i checked and found that the workbench has a change management logOn option asking to logon! Which asks for user name and password!! And No one here Now has the user name or its password!! what to do now on such cases , Also on doing modifications on logic developer validating project generates error  may be due to mismatch data type of that associated point on workbench.
  5. Change Management LogIn(lost password

    Thanks a Lot Sir Steve Bailey you were always here to assist Us! But Can Anyone figure Out what i am doing wrong that not letting me to display 32bit data. I have checked the satec PM130EH MFM meter modbus register manual, found there two sets of 16bit scaled energy counters/registers one is lowOrder & other is highOrder. And done a Conversion for getting the desired output without altering any variable's data type(as on doing so it generates error10808) and validate my project which generates no error but on uploading data to GE IP controller .. Nothing fruitful happens on cim HMI screen. Steve Bailey as you have previously assisted me ..on how to get 32bit data from 16bit registers, i have attached pics of LD on which i have made some changes (and i have 4days left for activating PME thats Y iam able to do modifications!) Is i am getting it totally wrong??  
  6. Change Management LogIn(lost password

    But what about Management LogOn..? :(
  7. Change Management LogIn(lost password

    Actually i was working on getting the 32bit large data by 2-16bit consecutive addresses and doing little convertion of adding high order and low order datas to get my energy kwh readings which is greater than what a 16bit data can holds. But on validating it generates error code 10808, may be i have to change the data type of my kwh output from workbench too?? But workbench is logoff , asks for Management logOn!
  8. Change Management LogIn(lost password

    Does my preExisting point(ACT_ENRG_IM) having INT_16bit property will able to put 8digits long interger value on cim screen?

  10. Can Anyone Come Up with the Screen Shots or a video link of procedure for Displaying Real Time Sinusoidal Waveforms From Satec MFM ON GE FANUC?? I have PACsystem RX3i via Serial Communications Module-IC695CMM002 
  11. 8_decimal Data Displays as only 4_Decimals !

    Here Satec MFM Power Meter Shows : 1970698 kWh (HT-MOTOR-01) but On SCADA It Shows as Only 0698 i.e 698. 1560714 kWh (HT-MOTOR-03) Showing as Only 0714 i.e 714 Only. Cimplicity Screen For Kwh Readings And MFM Power Meter Scaling LOGIC    
  12. 8_decimal Data Displays as only 4_Decimals !

    I think This Will definitely Solve the Problem!!            Wow...ThankYou Very Much...!!
  13. 8_decimal Data Displays as only 4_Decimals !

    I am Facing Problem Getting Kwh Readings From My Satec MFM(PM130-PLUS), Required for an easy & reliable Monitoring On Energy Consumption . Connected via RTU Slave Interface with SCADA User Interface (GE_Cimplicity). Here's what happening : Actual Kwh Reading has 8_decimal data digits on MFM LED Display but on Cimplicity SCADA User Interface Screen It only able to Display it as 4_Decimals point digit, eg, 63290058 kwh shows as 0058 , and 15299999 kwh shows as 9999 , and then 15300001 kwh shows as 0001 i.e 1 only! Plz Do a Rply , your slight approach to my Query Will be highly Appreciated!! :)  
  14. 8_decimal Data Displays as only 4_Decimals !

    Since From 5th of jan.2017 its been 2weeks i didn't get my query answered on my level. :(  Sry.. ! " In the GE PLC, a 32-bit integer resides in two consecutive %R addresses. You appear to only be displaying one of them " Now, Do i have to create 2 consecutive %R addresses for each Feeder's PowerMeter as i cant add another Address consecutive to the present one as all of them already associated to other Points :( , To do the same, Is there Other Easy & Simple way i am totally missing ??   Thank You very much for yours valuable Reply. Sry, I am New to GE-Cimplicity Platform.
  15. Thanks For All of Your Valuable Posts and Replies ,All of them Explains a Lot :)

    I am New to GE-Cimplicity Platform

    Can you Plz Look Into My Matter too... :(


  16. Thanks For All of Your Valuable Posts and Replies ,All of them Explains a Lot :)

    I am New to GE-Cimplicity Platform

    Can you Plz Look Into My Matter too... :(


  17. Converting REAL to DINT

  18. 8_decimal Data Displays as only 4_Decimals !

  19. 8_decimal Data Displays as only 4_Decimals !

    About My Read Register!
  20. 8_decimal Data Displays as only 4_Decimals !