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  1. Also I would right click on n15:201 and do a find all or a cross reference to see what all changes that value. To me it looks like there is some feed back from the drive or somewhere else in the code that tells it there's an emergency condition.
  2. Otu and Otl get mixed with Ote alot. Typically when I've seen it done it was a two fold reason.Number one was for Hmi software like wonderware when you build out motor control popups you usually use set instructios in wonderware to turn on a bit in the plc the otu will force the bit to unlatch in wonderware. Two otu will ensure you drop an Ote to a false state if they are properly placed in the program. We do this so the time in my plant. It works fine. Also using integers instead of bits works much better. It allows alot of data to be exchanged in a single word.
  3. Also factory talk is worst HMI I have ever used I would rather buy a Cmore micro and use it or red lion or any off brand cheaper HMI than waste money on a panelview. I really despise them. HMI’s are good for skids but they are limited and should be used sparingly. 
  4. I know posting to this is a little late but as a daily user of wonderware and and ab plc’s , I love the combination when put together. I work as as Site Controls Specialist for a snack manufacturing company we use wonderware slightly different at our plant than anywhere else I’ve ever seen. We’ve done this since intouch version 9.5 and are currently doing it still since we’ve upgraded to 2014 sp2. We have a central engineering server that houses rslogix 5, 500, 5000 and studio along with with intouch. All applications are designed and deployed via NAD wonderware’s network applications development and pointed back to the server. They are all virtual machines with field thin clients “server hardware is just better” pointed to each of them. This allows us when production has an issue to open wonderware and actually see the problem they are having then alt-shift-1 into window maker grab the corresponding plc tag and trace back to the issue. It is quick and dirty and saves huge amounts of time in trying to figure out where in the logic the problem is. We do use a lot of scripts but in wonderware it is fairly easy to do these. We have also created special screens for the Controls team that pop up when your logged in from the server to launch the correct plc files, VNC , ip scanners, putty any tool I need I have at my disposal as long as I know how to bring focus to it with wonderware. I’m not saying it is the be all end all but it is a good product. Now for all this to work well it does take a strong Controls team with good knowledge of IT practices, it also helps to have a DNS/Active directory server on the Controls network to facilitate remote management of everything. Also corporate IT has to stay out of the factory floor unless they are willing  to learn how factory floor communications work.