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  1. SCADA system support

    Hi, The ECAVA IGX is a web SCADA and allow you to integrate with Siemens LOGO8. You can download and try Their technical support will help you if necessary. Good Luck~!  
  2. Freeware SCADA comparison

    I'm SCADA beginner. Never use before for the SCADA software was mention by @arj3090. Good to know and I would like to try. Thanks! My first SCADA project was developed by using ECAVA IGX Web SCADA. Ecava IGX has impressed me when use it on first time. It's easy to use and I can view the mimic on my smartphone & tablet without install anything at all. Furthermore, the image on mimic is SVG and it won't have image pixelated problem when enlarged. I will highly recommend to all the SCADA beginner because it's easy to use and do not need spend a lots of time for project development. For the SCADA expert user, you can try on this Ecava IGX Web SCADA to check out how the different with the SCADA software that you used before. Below is the their official website link
  3. SVG graphic

  4. SVG graphic

    I'm not good in drawing and have a trouble when drawing SVG graphic for my project. Is there any template of SVG graphic for automation industry that I can download?
  5. HMI view/control on smart phone or tablet

    I'm  using IntegraXor to develop my project. The HMI graphic and zooming work nice on my tablet and smartphone. Maybe you can try access their online demo to have a look.
  6. WinCC for tablet?

    Hi Simon, you can try on integraXor web SCADA. I use it before and the graphic and zooming look nice on my smartphone and tablet.  You can try to access the demo