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  1. Question about Modbus

    Hi everyone,  How do you do? Hope everything goes well to all.  Today I have a question need your help: Modbus has been widely used since quite some time ago even until today. I was wondering are there any proper best practice tips or manuals on the protocol's communication configuration?  Thanks in advance.    😀
  2. Light SCADA request

    Hi all,  How are you? Hope everything goes well with all of you.  I have a small project that involves only 2 PLCs and around 500 objects or tags. End user does not require HMI graphics of factory operation. Basically the system only need to collect data from the instruments, and generate reports automatically. So, I was wondering is there such really "light" SCADA system to serve this kind of production? Because if possible I wish to implement using only basic workstation machine, since its work load is supposed to be very light.  I am glad to have your comment. Thank you so much.
  3. Secure SCADA

    Hi Mark,  I mean when I use web SCADA, I want the data being sent between web browser and server stays private without the ability of interception by a third party.  Thanks for your caring to my post.
  4. Secure SCADA

    Good morning everyone,  Hope you have a nice day. I am still looking for a web SCADA that is really secure. Any suggestion for my concern? Thank in advance! 
  5. TOP 10 list of Best HMI & SCADA company

      1) Honeywell --- Experion HS 2) Trihedral --- VTScada 3) IDS --- HIGH-LEIT SCADA 4) Ecava --- IntegraXor ( IGX) 5) Copa    --- Data zenOn 6) Afcon --- P-CIM 7) Ordinal --- MESbox SCADA 8) Yokogawa --- Fast/Tools 9) Siemens --- Simatic WinCC 10) TA-Engineering Products --- Aimax
  6. SCADA system support

    Hi everyone,  How do you do? Anyone can help me find a web SCADA that can integrate with a Siemens LOGO8? Thank you.