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  1. hey, I was wondering weather is was possible to put multiple adresses in a single set/reset function.    for example:  W0.00----------------------------------------set W0.01 W0.02   as in: when W0.00 gets positive, both W0.01 and W0.02 will move to SET with only one plc instruction block     Thanks in advance.    Deuslupos
  2. problem connecting omron cj1m(cpu11) to HMI NS8

    alright, thank you:) I'll give it a shot  
  3. problem connecting omron cj1m(cpu11) to HMI NS8

    can I just use a normal USB m/m cable to do that or will I need a special one?  
  4. problem connecting omron cj1m(cpu11) to HMI NS8

    Michael, any way you could help me out with this different issue? for some reason I can't even transfer to my HMI trough my RS232 cable anymore..... something went terribly wrong :(
  5. problem connecting omron cj1m(cpu11) to HMI NS8

    haha, that was what I ment with my post, I just re-read it, and I formulated it a bit too vague, I'm sorry for that. 
  6. problem connecting omron cj1m(cpu11) to HMI NS8

    oh great! this fixed my connectivity problems. but I still can't control the PLC with the HMI screen
  7. problem connecting omron cj1m(cpu11) to HMI NS8

    oh wait, the one over there hasn't been touched by me, I've been editing this from a file the last intern here made. 
  8. problem connecting omron cj1m(cpu11) to HMI NS8

    I did that on purpose because the other ones didn't work. (I had contact with the omron helpdesk when I just started using the plc. and this is what they reccomanded. but I'll try the one you set up. thank you:) should the node adress here be the node adress of the HMI screen or the PLC node?  
  9. problem connecting omron cj1m(cpu11) to HMI NS8

    the one I added last is the big blue one in the control screen. I was trying to figure out how to use the button. 
  10. problem connecting omron cj1m(cpu11) to HMI NS8

    I uploaded the whole folder as you asked. I hope you find something:) thank you for taking the time! IO
  11. Hey,    a couple of days ago it worked just fine, they reacted to each other like they were supposed to. but after I uploaded the exact same file (but with 1 extra word button) they don't seem to see each other anymore, I've checked the IP adresses and hardware connections but everything is fine....     whenever I click something on the HMI I keep getting an error which says '' time-out error occurs while downloading by the following case: -disconnection from the cable  -Stopped host -Incorrect time-out period                allocating host: host3   does anyone here have a solution or any tips for me?   kind regards,  Deuslupos
  12. omron cj1m cpu11 analog programming/designer

    thank you Michael^^ this'll help!  
  13. hey!  I'm pretty new to PLC's, and I'm supposed to ''teach'' the people at my internship how this PLC works, but I have encountered a problem.  I've gotten pretty far with all the digital programming and understanding how everything works, but I just can't figure out how the analog inputs/outputs and programming works...... I've had a fair explaination on PID and how this works. I've searched the web as well to figure out what PLC instructions to use.    I hope you can answer my following questions.    1, what are the most used PLC instruction blocks which I can use for temperature control, and how am I supposed to use them? 2, Could you please give me an example on how to use PID and what numbers will I need for the calculations? 3, what are the most used PLC Instruction blocks (apart form the analog ones) that I should include in my tutorial?   this is my setup: Ethernet switch MOXA EDS-205 Plc voeding PA202 PLC CPU CJ1MCPU11-ETN Digital IN (16x) CJ1W-ID211 (SL) Digital IN (16x) CJ1W-ID211 (SL) Analog IN (8x) CJ1W-AD081 (SL) Analog IN (8x) CJ1W-AD081 (SL) TRANS OUT (16x) CJ1W-OD212 (SL) TRANS OUT (16x) CJ1W-OD212 (SL) Analog OUT (4x) CJ1W-DA041 (SL)   thank you soo much for looking at my question and considering helping me! the OMRON helpdesk hasn't been very helpfull.    kind regards,    Deuslupos,