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  1. Distributed scada installation with remote access?

      I have to agree with @oli_fa, I start with mobile app from them and now I use myscada (esp. alarming) in the production plant. Very affordable price (designer is for free), no additional fees - which is quite useful :) Thumbs up for those guys!
  2. HMI view/control on smart phone or tablet

    Hi,   I must agree with Simon Bennet. myscada app looks good. They also win an award for the best scada app this year so I would go for them. It is not expensive either - 69 euro for 100 tags for full-featured scada.
  3. Freeware SCADA comparison

    Hi Oliver, for your "review" I would recommend you to look at  https://www.myscada.org/ especially product part . Their websites are understandable and  helps me know scada quite well - you can download the development software tool for free and try it and you can also download mobile app for free to try (limited by tags) . 
  4. WinCC for tablet?

    Hi Simon, it depends on what you want to use for. In my opinion, WinnCC has poor graphics and it is targeted only at huge projects. I have tried to use it on tablet  but it annoyed me ;). I use mobile visualization from mySCADA  and it works nicely in tablet and also in smartphone – nice graphics, zooming. Watch http://www.myscada.org/ and try 5 tag version of application for free.