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  1. WinCC for tablet?

    Hi Daub, you won´t invest, I have and it was very well spending of time for me. I have seen a few scadas "for free" but this scada has very nice graphics, zooming and it looks proffesional (almost like to work on the desktop indeed). But thanks for the opinion! 
  2. WinCC for tablet?

    Hi Smart_boy, thanks for the demo. I have visited this web and i must disagree witth you in what "looks nice" because these visualization looks like from the late 90s in my opinion. But thanks again for the answer... SB
  3. HMI view/control on smart phone or tablet

    Hi, can´t comment what is written above but I can give you my experience. Few days ago, someone recommended me mymobile App from myscada. I must say, it is very intuitive mobile App for Android and also iOS. The visualization looks very proffesional and their technical support will help u if neccesary. But what I like the most is a free 5 tag version so you can try it and decide - that´s what i have done... Good luck ;)
  4. WinCC for tablet?

    Hi,  I downloaded 5 tag version and it seems to be very friendly as you said... Thanks
  5. WinCC for tablet?

    Hello, I´d like to know if there is a possibility to have visualization (using WinCC) in my smart device (tablet or phone). Thanks.