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  1. PIDAT Program setting

    Pardon, Sir. Would you like to tell me more about what should I do now, Sir? What kind of devices that I've to fulfil in order to make it works as it should be? I'll very appreciate if you wanna explain it more. Thanks a lot, Sir.
  2. PIDAT Program setting

    Yes Sir, compile it first, am I wrong? haha After that I'll work online to PLC CP1H, Sir. Actually, this is my minithesis, Sir. I've tried to control position of DC Servo motor as actuator for my robot arm with PIDAT controller. Then I'd like to ask Sir, talking about all  parameters of PIDAT instruction, aren't they stored  in DM area? Sorry Sir if I'd many questions, honestly I'm still lack of knowledge.   
  3. PIDAT Program setting

    Excuse me, Sir. Would you mind checking my project please? I'm getting dizzy for sure, how can I obtain the output of PIDAT instructions? Somebody help me, please. I gotta make it clear as soon as possible. Thanks. New.bak New.cxp New.opt
  4. Excuse me, Sir. By any chance, would you mind telling me how to operate PIDAT instructions? Help me, please. Thanks.

  5. PIDAT instructions

    Excuse me. Would you tell me how to obtain the output of PID autotuning of this instruction? Somebody tell me, please. Thanks.