How to reset Ethernet comms in PLC5

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Trying to programmatically reset the Ethernet port on a 5/20E.  It is talking successfully to a 3rd party PLC with their "message block".  However if the connection breaks (i.e. Ethernet cable disconnect, put one of the PLCs in stop mode, etc.), how can I reset the Ethernet port on the PLC5 via looking at a process status tag?  Right now the only way to get it to work again, is to both power cycle the PLC5 and stop and restart the message block in the 3rd party PLC.   Didn't get info from RA when I contacted their tech support.      

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I don't think you can;  the Ethernet daughtercard in a PLC-5 isn't built to run independently of the controller like the ControlLogix modules are.

You could in theory try to send it a Reset command over CIP protocol, but most HMIs don't support that command, and I can't guarantee it would work.

I think you're better off putting Wireshark on the line and figuring out how the timeouts and reconnections work with that third party device.

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