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  1. Hi from new PCS7 user...

    Hey all. Just wanted to introduce myself, I'm mark and I'm employed as a process engineer in a plant in UK. I've been there 8 years now and achieved the process position through dedication and willingness to learn. Although my previous employment was as an aircraft electrical technician so I don't have the soundest PLC knowledge. Unfortunately, my more knowledgable colleagues have a tendency to enjoy keeping secrets and so I find myself thrust into this position with little guidance. So I'm going it alone! I'm trying to learn as much as I can myself. And decided this would be a place that I reach out for help as and when I need it. I've been able to monitor and use the software logic as a tool for fault finding and have implemented some modifications and new projects into the software we have on site. I've also done an intermediate course a few years ago on S7 so I am fairly capable with it. I lack knowledge on WinCC, and I am scraping my way round that when the need arises. We also don't have any test rigs available to play about on. Which I find a little frustrating. I welcome any advice people may have for me at this moment in time. I'm looking into doing some courses, a simple little course I found offers an NVQ L3 qualification for relatively little work and cost. But it's based on fundamentals of PLCs such as selecting the right PLC for a process, the limitations of PLCs, decimal to binary to hexadecimal conversions (I'm ok with that bit) and various other "fundamentals" of PLCs. I've kinda skipped this bit in training and not sure of the requirements for the course. If anyone has any advice on that, places to look, etc, then I'd appreciate it. Also any other recommended courses and reading. Cheers.... mark