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  1. Thanks for the reply, I had one of our IT guru's tell me it was windows not Factory Talk.
  2. In test mode it will shut down as it should, when you run the .mer file on your pc straight up X does not shut it down and the go to configure does not go to configure, it only gives you shutting down banner. After this you can not run factorytalk or a runtime file unless you reboot the PC.
  3. Do not remember which one, however it is a setting issue, check the settings.
  4.  pcmccartney 1 is correct,  2222 is the TCP port and the new Citect has had some com. issues in the past.
  5. I have sought the answers in the knowledge base and with other colleges, everything short of spending a couple of hours with tech. support. Hope someone here will be able to clue me in. When I run an .mer file on my PC and shut it down it will shut down to the shutdown menu bar and not close out or turn loose of windows. Windows 10, FactoryTalk View ME Studio ver. 11 If someone has resolved this issue before I sure would give you thanks if you passed it to me because after I shutdown the .mer file I have to reboot everytime. Thank You in Advance   
  6. Have a 1756-L73 processor that was giving a Type 1 code 60 power up fault, on boot. Changed the ESCM module and placed an SD card in. Now after booting it comes up just fine and in about 10 minutes I get a major fault type 1 code 61. I can reload the project and it will run just fine until the next power cycle. Has anyone come across this one before?
  7. Kinetix 300 fault

    Thanks for the answer kaiser_will, the maintenance crew tightened the conveyor belt to tight causing the problem, too much load on the drive.
  8. I have a Kinetix 300 drive that keeps giving me a E74 fault. I have checked the following and have found nothing. Last summer we had similar problem but not as bad. I opened the panel door and put a fan blowing on the drive stills trips. This drive runs a short, simple belt conveyor, have not found a bad bearing or anything. Any ideas for some of you would be appreciated.   E74 Drive has exceeded peak current limit. Drive cannot regulate current properly. Motor cables shorted. Verify continuity of motor power cables and connector. Motor winding shorted internally. Disconnect motor power cables form the motor. If the motor is difficult to turn by hand, it must be replaced. The machine duty cycle requires an RMS current exceeding the continuous rating of the controller. Change the command profile to reduce speed or increase time. Operation above continuous power rating and/orproduct environmental rating. Verify ambient temperature is not too high. Operate within the continuous power rating. Reduces acceleration rates.The Kinetix 300 drive has a short circuit overcurrent, or failed component. Remove all power and motor connections and preform a continuity check form the DC bus to the U, V, and W motor outputs. If a continuity exists, check for wire fibers between terminal or send drive in for repair.
  9. All of you, thank you for the good advice, you brought up some points that I will need to give good consideration to. This is a continuous line, if one piece of equipment goes down the rest can not run because of interlock and it is in sections along the whole line. All of you I'm sure know how it is when you go to the upper management to procure funds for projects they come back and say cut the dollar amount and we will approve it, then again and again. However they have no problem with complaining about the current problems that you are trying to fix. Keep it simple Oldnerd
  10. I have searched AB knowledge base and can not find the answer to my question, maybe I forgotten how to read. I have a project to change 4- SLC 500's over to Compactlogix to get them off DH+ and onto enet, I will replace the processor in each of the 4 racks with a 1747-AENTR and leave the I/O and wiring intact. I have a total of 35 I/O modules in the 4 racks. I have been having difficulty coming up with just which CompactLogix Processor I need to use, on AB knowledge base I seem to be getting conflicting information. Which Compactlogix processor will handle 35 I/O modules ? Any suggestion are welcome. Thanks 
  11. IDEC to ABB VFD

    I have a project where I need to connect an IDEC Smart Axis I/O 40 PLC to 2 ABB ACS 355 VFD drives. The IDEC PLC has an on board Ethernet port but I can find little information on how to program the commands over Ethernet from the PLC to the drives. I have never worked with IDEC before any advice from you  experts would be most helpful. Thanks in advance. Old Nerd
  12. Need Some Advice

    Thanks for getting back with me. I have been on the phone all day on and off with Automation Direct Tech Support. The best I can get from them is " I don't know, it should work." I can talk Modbus 485 with Rx and Wx command, but not with MRX and MWX command. Tech Support says if I can talk with one I should be able to talk with the other. I'm really stuck on this one. I do not know where to go for help. I keep reading everything I can but nothing relating to my problem so far.  
  13. Need Some Advice

    This is my third Automation Direct PLC project. I need any advice from the guru's that know a whole lot more than I do. I'm using a Dl-06DR-D with a D0-DCM in slot 1. I need to control 2 SureServo drives, 2 GS2 drives and 1 GS3 Dura Pulse drive. Also have HMI. I plan to use port 2 for my 2 SureServo drives and port 2 on the D0-DCM module for the GS2's and G3 drive. Any input or tips would be greatly appreciated. oldnerd 
  14. Weintek EMT3105P HMI

    Hello, I am using a Weintek EMT3105P HMI with a 1769-ERML33 AB Compactlogix PLC. I have had the equipment at the customer site up and running for 4 months now with no problem. Now have a problem with the recipe data base. All the formatting is correct, all the addressing is correct. All the items in the numeric input object properties are correct. However it has been converting the data entries for some cells in the recipe database to scientific notation and ignoring the format. I have a recipe input for the number of holes to drill, which writes from the numeric input object to the recipe for number of holes. It is formatted in the numeric input object properties as 3 digits to the left and 0 digits to the right of the decimal point. When I write to this, lets say the value of 2, the number that written to the recipe is 2.45655e40. I have done everything I know to fix this problem, delete, recreate, uninstall the software, the data base and all to no avail. I still have the same issue. If anyone out there has any ideas or experience with this I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks in advance. Oldnerd
  15. HMI Bit Lamp Object

    Sparky, Thanks, I will do the project different from now on. The advise was sound and when I put in the logic instead of directly inputting to the hmi I had no more problems. It looked to me as though the way it goes is it turns on not off because in worked one way and not the other. I do not like using a off brand HMI with an AB processor, but my boss is super cheap. Thanks for your help.