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  1. GuardLogix program is  showing 4 separate OTE energized for this card.  The indicator lights do not light up and I have no voltage on the outputs.  No faults on I/O or PLC.  I inhibited the card and reset and un inhibited to no avail.  Replaced the card and still nothing.  I cannot find anything wrong.  Please help.
  2. PowerFlex DC Drive

    Thank you.  Sorry been doing a controls upgrade and haven't had a chance to get back to this.  I will add some S-Curve and shorten the accel/decel times.   Next week and see what we get.  I appreciate your time.
  3. PowerFlex DC Drive

    Sorry I have reattached a zipped folder.  Yes we went through the manual step by step and even had a rockwell engineer out though his specialty was AC.  He mad a couple of changes:  Speed RI - parameter 88, and Speed BW - parameter 434.  We saw improvements at the low end of the speed reference but that isn't really an issue.  Only when we speed the drive up to our max for the machine, which we do all the time, does this become an issue. 1000 Ton CCW
  4. I have a PowerFlex DC drive that is causing me some issues.  I will preface this by saying I am not a drives guy.  Our problem is we ask it to reach a certain speed and it will overshoot for just a bit before normalizing.  This causes issues with other components of our line (speed too fast so it shuts down).  I have attached my CCW project file.  The trends in CCW follow pretty closely, reference speed, amps, and encoder feedback all track together pretty well.  Just the initial reference request will over shoot and then settle down.  Is there a group of parameters I could change to eliminate this? 1000 ton press as left_Copy_1.ccwsln
  5. I have an unusual situation.  I can see one of my controllers in RSlinx and can query it with no problem.  However once I am in Studio 5000 and try to select my path to the controller it does not appear in the list (along with 2 or 3 others) though I have half a dozen or so that do show in both.  I thought they used the same dataset?  Any help here would be aprreciated.
  6. I have a PLC 5 program that is acting as a master controller for several other various PLCs.  I have found where an input is coming in off of ControlNet.  I went to the relevant ControlLogix program but I cannot find where this output is being written to.  I am fairly new to Rockwell as I have come from a Melsec background.  Any help would be appreciated.