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  1. Pulse Encoder to RPM Formula

    Dear All I have encoder with 500 PPR, connected directly to motor shaft. I use CJ2H which is not supported PRV2 pulse conversion instruction. if anyone have experience how to calculate it to RPM, can you share it and how is the method to count pulse each minute, since it will always increase the pulse reading every time motor rotate. if you have sample program for it , will be better to understand
  2. CX Common Components / CPS Upgrade Fail

    i having issue when i put in IO Table module  Position Controller with ethercat . Ex: CJ1W-NC481/2, NC881/882, NCF81/F82 and this  error message show.  
  3. CX Common Components / CPS Upgrade Fail

    Hi @Michael Walsh can you send me the upgrade files, i'll try this way 1st, and maybe re installed in case still not working
  4. Cable to program NV

    Can i have it