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  1. how to read and send data by card scu 31

    Dear PMCR I created a program to read the data with macro protocol, works ok, but I can not write the data in the memories, you can help me? TRACE4.pdf NewPLC1-Comunicação_485-_485_SC.pdf
  2. Store data in Data memory

    Hi I created a program to read data,  but can not store in DDM, how do I store this data?   Thanks NewPLC1-Comunicação_485-_485_SC.pdf TRACE4.pdf
  3. In the cx programmer is possivel to do this conversion ?
  4. CJ1M Slave on Existing Modbus Network

    Hi, I'm trying to do something similar using scu, you could send me this code?
  5. modbus

    This function is calculating crc, what kind of drive communicates? inverter or servo driver.
  6. receiving and send using SCU 31

    Hello, I made a PCMR to read data 01 3E 3F FFFF a network, and I have some doubts. 1 - I am not looking are record in DM for treatment. 2 - I need to send each bit using the function 5, example 55 39 00 65. I'm using 13 CJ1M SCU 31. grateful for the help. trace.pdf
  7. problem omron inverter

    use the software CX Drive, to configure it, is very good.
  8. how to read and send data by card scu 31

    plc is a slave because he will receive the data and respond commands, for example: the data comes from an industrial computer and sends this data to the inverter and my idea is that the plc make instead of inverters. assuming: as if the computer was sending the data to the inverter does not exist.
  9. how to read and send data by card scu 31

    Hi, I would like to use PMCR, and would like to read the data through a port 485 in Modbus, (9600, 8N1) and reply to messages on the same channel, have seen their projects and are excellent, and I intend to use this project to work college. Grateful for the return.
  10. Need a little help! I have a 13 CJ1M CPU SCU 31, and I am not able to read the values??, 013FFFFF3E 023FC1B549 063F000039 and Send Response 55270072 55070052 55270072 A complete word would look like 013FFFFF3E55270072 023FC1B54955070052 063F00003955270072 can someone help me?
  11. function matematica

    I'm using 13 CJ1M CPU, get the D402 E32C and need to multiply by 2, and give me a error instruction
  12. function matematica

    how to multiply a value in hex E32C by 2?