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  1. So the root cause is unknown. But like i said before it was spitting out that error and trying to pull some configuration from another job for some reason and obviously that plc wasn't going to exist so it couldn't resolve any of the tags.  But i created a new project, imported all the other stuff and created my communication topic from scratch. Afterwards i deleted every driver on the rslinx enterprise and then created one new again and then setup that topic. After all that it decided to work. No idea why :/ if someone has any ideas on what i might have done that would be great but this isn't the first time deleting random drivers fixed my issues so maybe its just buggy
  2. i also just tried creating a whole new project and imported everything but the communication settings and created that all over again and it is still doing the same thing.
  3. Also i noticed that whatever configuration file it is looking for it is pulling from that job's directory that i mentioned earlier. What doesn't make sense to me is that i have been making hmi edits just fine for other HMIs. I don't know why this specific application is being a huge pain. I feel like this has something to do with the local directory its always asking me about when you recover projects. Also the blue is just customer related content (name of plant and project etc. so i blotted them out)
  4. I have an HMI program that i am trying to test using the runtime utility on the factortalk view studio interface and at runtime everything fails to see tags. My topic configuration is pointing to the right PLC and i can ping it and go online, but when i look at the errors it is referencing a shortcut that isnt even listed in my communication setup. Its actually trying to reference one from one of my different jobs but i dont know how its doing it. Anyone have any ideas? Also i feel like the fact i cant browse online for the tags in my HMI is related to this issue. I click on the online folder and nothing shows up.    
  5. Also as a note it doesn't fail immediately when i activate the instruction. It is enabled for probably 15 to 20 or so seconds before it throws the error.
  6. I am having issues trying to send an email using the message instruction and the ENBT module. Attached are snippets of my configuration of my message instruction and the error code that i am getting. I had IT look into it on their side and i shouldn't have any network switch configurations that is blocking the successful delivery of the message. Anyone have any ideas what could be the issue? Thanks!
  7. Does anyone know of any books that have theories on how certain problems can be broken down. Not necessarily from a controls perspective such as PID bode plots etc but more like a huge book that digs deep into tools such as K-maps for problem solving? I encountered a problem not to long ago and timing diagrams wouldn't suffice and a k-map was just barely good enough to break it up into its smallest parts (this was for a PLC program). Essentially i was writing alarm conditions and was having trouble making sure all the possible fail conditions had an appropriate alarm and system response. Thanks
  8. I think i figured out what was wrong. I'm still testing but it seems the SRCH function returns an off by 1 value. If i subtract 1 from the value it returns my logic seems to be working correctly.
  9. I had a question regarding the ability to do pointer manipulation. Attached is a snippet of my code that i am attempting to use but it doesn't seem to work. If you look at the picture, after i find some number i want to log, i search through the 96 register block starting at 402184 (402183 is the PTR) for a register that contains a 0. (400131 points to a zero register that is constant) If it does, I attempt to save the location of the zero by block moving the location into 402183, and initiate a copy instruction from the source table 402107 into the 96 register block. This is my algorithm for trying to keep data i am interested in without having to do any sorting. If i log it, i look for a zero and copy it. Later on i do the opposite when i am done with the data i look for that data in the register and copy 0 into it. The only issue is it doesn't seem to care about the block move into the 402183 pointer. The register to table instruction only follows the binary input i feed it. So when the control input goes on for top and middle, it only copies new information into the same register and the pointer never increases. If i only use the top input it copies the information and increases the pointer. Somehow it seems like it doesn't care what value i block move into 402183, it always remembers where it left off. Any ideas what i am doing wrong or if this is even possible? Thanks
  10. I am using proworx 32 and have a question about searching and pointers. I want to modify some logic because it takes up a lot of network space but i think i have a better and easier approach but unsure if it is allowed or will cause PLC faults. What i want to do is search a block of registers for a value. If it contains that value, i want to block move the pointer value to a table to register instruction's pointer and copy the data at that register. The reason i am concerned is i dont know if modifying a pointer value without the actual incrementing function built into the function block causes faults. I tried the help contents section but it doesn't list exact things that will cause faults in the plc. Thanks in advance
  11. Im starting to see what is happening. First I am using proworx on a virtual machine so I started a new one and the new version had the find function working again. Before it happened again I noticed that when i hit control F the find box would appear a little higher on the screen and then half way off, then i couldn't even see it. I think now it just appears at the very top of the screen but i dont know how it is doing it. How do i get it to pop up somewhere in the center?
  12. I am having issues with my find function in proworx 32. I dont want to sound petty but there are around 2000 networks in the program and when i need to find a register it slows me way down to have to manually search for something. I was wondering is there a setting that needs to be checked or what is going on? When i hit control F or go to the menu and click find nothing happens. My proworx turns grey like something is supposed to pop up but nothing does. Only time i can use find is when cross referencing an adress i can already see on a network. If i right click on it and hit address search that works but otherwise nothing else does. Thoughts? Thanks much David
  13. Telemecanique Processor

    I have a client interested in the programming of this processor that is sitting in one of the panels. I dont have any information on it other than it says Telemencanique on the box and has what looks like a PS/2 adapter for programming. I was wondering if anyone knew who makes this and how I can pull the program off of it? I don't know if i need any software and such and if a usb ps/2 adapter would work. Google searching doens't seem to give me any good results. Schneider electric and alliedelec show up but it seems like telemencanique is a language rather than a product 0.o Thanks David