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  1. Hi everyone, I got a cylinder with machine fluid lubricant filled in it. I want to add an alarm system where an alarm buzzes when the liquid level falls below certain limit. The cylinder is a closed and opaque. I was wondering if I can drill the cylinder and put some kind of sensor and connect it to an alarm. If it works, can any one let me know what kind of sensor best suits for this application. Thanks in advance, _SKR.
  2. I've a control application. I've attached an image of it for reference. The application is as follows... When tubes are not present on the conveyor the fan is not on. When tubes are present the fan runs for 10 min. When the 10 min is up, fan shuts down, and alarm is enabled. When the tubes are removed at the end of cooling cycle the alarm disabled. The cycle then resets. The Fan is on 120V AC, I want to do it with minimum cost. What type of sensors are more suitable for such application.? Regards, SKR
  3. Helium pressure sensor

    Yes, this is for a safety feature. I'll try looking into pressure switches in the market. SKR.
  4. I have helium cylinder. I want to have a control application where the process should stop when the pressure in the cylinder decreases to certain level. Can any one help me to find the right sensor? or application to do this. Thank you, SKR.
  5. Buy what PLC?

    I recently started using Micro 800 series Allen Bradley PLC's for small control applications. They are easy to work with also they are cheaper....around 100-150$. Some of them have limited I/O's. Good Luck!
  6. I'm planing to use a limit switch, I don't know if that can be helpful. I think inductive sensor has limited range in millimeters. Thanks for the suggestion..
  7. Thanks for the reply, I'm looking for a low cost system. This looks a bit expensive, but I'll go through it. Regards, SKR.
  8. Sorry, the file was missing. I've attached it now. There is no existing control system. The tubes are placed in tub as shown. Its not important to check the temperature or number of tubes, I just need the fan to be on for 10 minutes. Thanks, SKR
  9. Micro 810 application.

    Hello all, I'm quiet new to control and logic systems, I'm still learning. I have to develop a circuit/logic for an application. I was wondering if Micro 810 can be used for this & the objectives of the application are: 1. whenever Signal A(0-24V) is high for the first time in the cycle and Signal B(0-24V) goes high then the solenoid X(24V) should be ON. 2.when signal B is low then the solenoid X should be OFF. 3. If in an instance signals A and B are opposite to each other for more than 2 seconds then a signal should be sent to E-stop. If not Micro 810, what are the other products that are suitable for such application? I know this can be done by normal relay board and some timers; I want to use a controller for this if its cheaper in price. Regards, _SKR
  10. Micro 810 application.

    I'll talk to my distributor, right now I'm looking into some you-tube videos. Its always self learning when it comes to PLC's :)
  11. Micro 810 application.

    How different is Ladder programming for 810 controller when compared to RSlogix 500?
  12. Micro 810 application.

    May be I should use an Alarm/light instead of e-stop. Thanks for the reply. I'll update a ladder logic here soon. Thanks, _SKR.
  13. Did you change your Laptop's IP address ?? It should match 192.168.124.XXX (XXX-- can be any number except 200) Are you using good Ethernet cable? On Kinetix 300 You should be able to see communication activity light ON.
  14. Hello every one, I'm quiet new to PLC programming and controllers. I've started a project on designing a CNC tube bending using ML 1400 and Kinetix 300. Until now all I could do is run a 3 axis sample program that makes all the three motors rotate with the help of HMI panel. I got this program from AB website. I was wondering if any of you have experience in programming bender machines? I'm looking for some support and guidance; else let me know if I need to look somewhere else. Any knowledge in tube bending with 3-axis rotation will help. Thanks in Advance, SKR.
  15. Liquid level control

    Not a problem. If you come across any other sensors please post the link here. I'm looking for a simple and easy to use sensor. Best Regards, _SKR.
  16. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone used ML1400 and Kinetix300 to run a servo Motor. I got a motion control project and until now all I could do is to establishing communication(green light on Kinetix300 E-comm activity ) between ML1400 and Kinetix300. I don't know any procedure to run the motor from here. How can I enable the drive? Is it possible to find a sample program anywhere, references, guidelines to the procedure. Any kind of help would be deeply appreciated.
  17. Liquid level control

    Thanks a lot for all your suggestions. I meant opaque--> not transparent its a solid steel material. The cylinder tanks are 5-10 liters in volume.
  18. Kinetix 300 with Micrologix 1400

    As of now I can run the program and the motor runs fine. How can we control the motor using this program.? Like increasing and decreasing velocity, number of rotations etc., I tried changing the data file values, but it doesn't change. Is the speed controlled using motion view software which is available within the drive? Regards, _skr.
  19. Kinetix 300 with Micrologix 1400

    I've a 2097-TB1 Kinetix terminal block for I/O and using that I've supplied +24V DC(IN_A3) to pin 29 and Common to Pin 26(IN_A3_COM), Yet the drive doesn't enable. Is there something I'm missing. Thanks, SKR
  20. Kinetix 300 with Micrologix 1400

    Thank You for immediate reply. "Enabling a motion controller is virtually always done with a hardwired circuit." Do you mean to say we need an I/O terminal block? If so how to enable drive using that? Motion functions to be performed are for a bender machine which has 3 motors & should run forward and backward direction with specified time and speed. Now I've downloaded a sample project from Rockwell and connected the ML1400 with Kinetix300. I don't know how to proceed further, I'll go through the PDF link you sent. Regards, SKR
  21. Starting w/ RSLogix 500 & ML1400

    Hi, Even I'm starting with Micrologix 1400. Do you have any reference for communication set up? I can't connect ML1400 to PC. Thanks!
  22. I had an error while loading a file to 90-30 series. It reads as following.. "Firmware revision 8.00 is incompatible with VersaPro. Minimum supported firmware revision is 8.21. Store failed." What is the solution? does Versapro doesn't support it? kindly provide me an answer. Thanks!
  23. Error- 8.00 is incompatible with VersaPro.

    Apologies. The Logicmaster shows the fault 'system configuration fault' The red 'F' LED is on one of the I/O modules and all the dipswitches look fine. I'm thinking the I/O module which is showing the fault LED has some internal problem or it may be spoiled, because when I exchange this I/O module position with other it still shows the Red LED. Hence I was wondering if these I/O modules are still available in market?
  24. Error- 8.00 is incompatible with VersaPro.

    Sorry I meant Russ and Steve ...I'm new to this page.!
  25. Error- 8.00 is incompatible with VersaPro.

    Thank You Sparky and Maverick....I successfully uploaded the program into the PLC. Now, it shows 'system configuration fault'.Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm thinking that one of the rack has gone bad as it shows red F fault light on the rack. I tried clearing it but it remains. As this is an old PLC may I know where can I get IC693MDL340G output rack?