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  1. I've never had this exact problem. But I did use CCW with a Micrologix PLC for the first time a couple months ago, and my experience was not so great (CCW kept crashing). Only thing I can suggest, since you say you are modifying an existing program, is make sure you have the latest copy of the program and upload from the PLC to make sure you have the latest and greatest. Maybe the tags were changed in the PLC but never saved in the program. Sorry I can't think of anything else. Hope this helps. 
  2. This is the only way I have ever done it. You need to create a switching button on the HMI. But you can add Animation to the button to make it visible/invisible based on a tag value in the PLC. You can use this to make it impossible to switch screens, unless a certain condition is met in the PLC. I'm not aware of any way to switch screens just by using an instruction in the PLC. Hope this helps.
  3. I guess the first thing to find out is, what kind of application is your customer using/what software did he use to build his application? My understanding is, you will need an OPC server to allow communication between the Micrologix and your customer's application. Rockwell's RSLinx is one example of an OPC server. I would start by asking your customer for more details about his software application and then figure out how to make it communicate with the Micrologix.
  4. It's been a couple years since I've run into this issue. The easiest thing to try is stopping, then restarting the datalogs. I think the commands for these are DataLogOn and DataLogOff if I remember correctly. I also remember having to delete the datalogs and create new ones because they got corrupt. Sorry I can't remember any more details. Hope this helps.
  5. FactoryTalk View SE

    I have never used Network Distributed myself, but maybe these manuals will help:
  6. The first thing you should do is get as much info as possible on the Comtrol unit. Comtrol has to provide you info on how to set up this unit. Based on my experience in the past, there may be software configuration that you have to do on the Comtrol before you can use it. Comtrol may have their own software that you can download and use to set up the unit. In the past I've used a Moxa unit to convert from Modbus to Ethernet/IP and I had to download software from Moxa to set up the Moxa unit. The Moxa unit that I used had a detailed user manual that even gave examples of how to use their unit to communicate with an Allen-Bradley PLC.   
  7. In the past I have used the GSV instruction. Make the Module Object of the GSV one of your PLC's. Use the EntryStatus Attribute to see the state of the PLC. The Instruction Help for the GSV instruction has more info. So you will have one GSV in the PLC1 logic what checks the status of PLC2, and another GSV in the PLC2 logic that checks the status of PLC1.
  8. SInk plc input module

    I don't know. I have only seen NPN sensors a few times in my experience, and every time I replaced them with PNP sensors to make them easier to use. (In my case the sensors were inexpensive to replace)
  9. SInk plc input module

    Yes, you need to select the correct type of sensor. here is a link that may help: You need a PNP sensor if you have a sinking PLC input module.
  10. Try it with another tag, create a tag called Test_Dint2 in the PLC and see if it works. Or try to create a tag with datatype REAL (for example Test_Real) and try that
  11. It looks ok to me. Maybe try some different expressions: {[PLC]Test_Dint < 4} {[PLC]Test_Dint == 0} OR {[PLC]Test_Dint == 1} OR {[PLC]Test_Dint == 2} OR {[PLC]Test_Dint == 3}    
  12. Multiple branch

    I would first find out if there are certain setups/situations that will be the most common. It's possible that there are 100's of different possible setups, but only 10 will actually be used. Create some buttons, labeled "Recipe 1", "Recipe 2" etc that load the most common setups when you press them.
  13. Can you post a screenshot of your logic? Look at some of the examples in the Instruction Help for the COP instruction. You probably need something like this:  
  14. Problem with array

      Not sure about the arrays, but here is some info on getting data from RSLogix into Excel:  
  15. Software help

    Thanks for the info. Siemens is not used much at my site.