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  1. Using many controllers in MotoSim

    Hello all, Is there any one know how to simulate many controllers at same time  in MotoSIM EG-VRC of Yaskawa. Thanks in advance
  2. Simliar Mitsubishi functions in Allen Bradley

    Thanks @Joe E., I finally found it. It is exactly what you wrote.
  3. Simliar Mitsubishi functions in Allen Bradley

    I read the manual "FactoryTalk View Site Edition User's Guide", and I see the only way to switch screen is creating a switching button in HMI screen. But that is not exactly what I want.
  4. Hello, I would be really thankful if someone could help me . Recently, I start using Allen Bradley PLC and HMI.  Before, I used most of . I have difficulty in seeking some similar Mitsubishi functions  in Allen Bradley. - First, I don't know how to switch HMI screen by using instruction in Allen Bradley PLC.In Mitsubishi PLC, I can do that by move a number to base screen register D0. But I can't find the similar register/tag in Allen Bradley. - Second, I don't know which bit, relay, timer, counter, register will latch it's value when power turn off. In Mitsubishi, I can know that by looking at FX parameter. May anyone give me favour, thanks.
  5. Connect plc FX3U with ABB driver ACS355

    May you give me that link, please.
  6. Connect plc FX3U with ABB driver ACS355

    Thanks  @Gamnit, I'm reading your document. I have never read it before. Do you have a sample program about controlling  ACS355 or any  inverter of ABB by FX 3U  plc
  7. Hello everyone, I'm trying to find the way to connect RS485  gate of PLC fx3u with ABB ACS355 drive via MODBUS protocol. May anyone help me to do that. Thank you very much
  8. Please help me to decompile this pkg file.

    I'm sorry, just up for seeking help
  9. Dear all I have an Omron NB  pkg file of  China machines. But I can decompile it, I guess it due to the China font is not supported anymore in my current software NB designer. I'm so appreciate if anyone can help me to decompile it.!AjZ-DZZV347AgeIP6hsZ3fEijAp99g
  10. Do you know what data type I need to declare for instruction ResetPLCError. When I use  GetPLCError sysmac studio doesn't require me to declare data type, but it required me when I use ResetPLCError.
  11. Thank you Wash, I found structions I need in  "NJ-series Instructions Reference Manual" . They are : GetPLCError, GetECError and GetMCError.  
  12. Dear all, I am connecting an NJ  PLC with other devices by ethercat connection. These devices include: servo motor, FH vision , NX input/out put and NB HMI. I want to check status of each device and connection . My intention is every error appears in devices or connection will be recorded in to a word code. May anyone know how I can do that and what instruction I need.
  13. how to set up timer in st

    Thank you Walsh again. By the way, this problem is not related to the topic; but do you know how to clear an event in event history.
  14. how to set up timer in st

    Thank you so much Wash. When I want to use another TON with different PT , do I need to declare another  function block with different instance name or can I use that FB above , only need to change the value of T , and the condition of IN  
  15. how to set up timer in st

    May you help me change this ladder into ST, please