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  1. I Modsoft successfully works with Win95, Win98. C WinNT in any way. My company still uses Intouch 5.6 . I have made update to 7.0. Intouch 7.0 well works under WinNT. But to us necessary on one PC and Modsoft and Intouch. PC are like Pentium II . WinNT is maximum.
  2. Privet, In WinNt is not present tab "compatibility" in properties. I start Modsoft through driver Virtual MBX. Problem where that in it.
  3. How to force Modsoft to work under WinNT 4.0? Interface ModbusPlus. Card SA-85. Tell it probably. I use driver MBX. Intouch works, Modsoft is not present. " Invalid NetBios command Modbus Error code 803".
  4. Magelis upload

    Hey all. The help is necessary to me. How to connect with Magelis-XBT-F HMI. I have xbt-z915 cable and XBT L1000 soft. Still is VijeoDisigner. My purpose to keep the project from HMI in VijeoDisigner. At attempt to make import from XBT L1000 there is an error. Kein terminal geschlossen. The equipment German. Any ideas?
  5. Hello. I have a question. What equipment is necessary for the remote control of a network modbus plus? The remote control for plc modicon 984 is necessary.
  6. Prosave and mp370

    I made backup mp370 and get error "cannot back up the flash file system".Why?
  7. Prompt instruction for compressors

    I have PLC CJ1M CPU23.ADDL not support.
  8. Prompt instruction for compressors

    I looking for a sequential start sequence.I have cx-programmer.
  9. Prompt instruction for compressors

    The account of an operating time of each compressor and functional mode one behind another (on a circle) Excuse my English
  10. Prompt instruction for compressors

    Prompt please instructions which it is possible to apply to operation of 5 compressors Exhaustive search, time of an operating time of each compressor.
  11. Question about CX-SIMULATOR

    That is to say,I cannot see change A270-A271 or A272-A273 for HSC into cx-simulator.Is it possible to simulate functioning HSC?I right understund.
  12. Question about CX-SIMULATOR

    One more question.I can try instruction CTBL and PRV into cx-simulator?
  13. Question about CX-SIMULATOR

    I have cx-simulator v1,5.Is it possible?
  14. Question about CX-SIMULATOR

    I can this example into cx-simulator run? Excuse my english.New.cxp