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  1.    Have 10 POE Analog Input Modules available on clearance  10/20-channel Voltage Input, Current Input, & Analog Input Module with High Voltage Protection PoE Module, communicable over Modbus TCP and Modbus UDP    Model Number PET-7017-10     Regular price $459.00/EA    Clearance price $344.25/EA   only good on clearance quantity only.   http://www.icpdas-usa.com/pet_7017_10.html      
  2. Linux Based Controller

    Thank you for your information. Dave
  3. I was wondering if anyone can tell me their experiences with Linux Based vs. Windows based Controllers. We have introduced these in the US and not sure what industries could use them. We are always striving to provide what people want and need. If you have had success stories I would like to hear them. Dave
  4. Rotary input device

    Not sure how you are hooked up, but maybe a simple 3 way selector switch with attached contact blocks set at NO and upon select triggers the signal to the PLC. 1 Contact would send the signal 1 way while the other contact another. It will also send signal to counter. The center position would be off to both on a 3 way buy a 2 way would be one or the other always.
  5. What makes a quality PLC?

    What you need to be concerned with is reliability, ease od installing and programming. Also watch out for vendors that charge for training and technical support. " Lowest Price may no be Lowest Cost" Be there when your customer needs help. Also being able to provide free and reliable "hands on" training is also a good way to get someone to convert to your platform. As your customer what issues he or she is having with the current vendor. One problem sometimes is the manufacturer's attitude. PS. Not all Japanese auto manufacturers are using Japanese PLC and Controls. Keep up to date with the many manufacturers and see what innovation they are offering vs. what is needed in today's applications. Speed and ease of programming are getting more and more important. In the OEM, machine world speed of installation and commissioning may become critical. They need lower engineering and labor cost to stay competitive.