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  1. 3G8F7-CLK21 program in VC

    Thank you so much, sir! i will try it.
  2. 3G8F7-CLK21 program in VC

    anyone can help me? please!
  3. 3G8F7-CLK21 program in VC

    Hi everybody, i want to program in VC++ to drive 3G8F7-CLK21 use card's C-LIB, who have the sample program. because the sample program can't be open after i install. i think the drive disk have problem. Thks.
  4. Omron Modbus Slave on Ethernet

    hi RDA, it looks like so good. does the FB from OMRON official?
  5. Omron Online Editing

    DM150 is used for a TIM instruction? if that the value in DM150 should be hex, for example: #10 mean 1 sec, #100 mean 10 sec. you should see #10 or #100 as a BCD number and don't change it to BIN.