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  1. plc taian

    Dear colleague , Have you looked on ? If you type TP02 on the search field on the top of webpage you will find the software and some instructions about it. This is the URL of web page after search result : Regards ,
  2. Q00J variables and memory map

    Dear Crossbow , I saw the Manuals , good help. Hope this is also on the topic... On Siemens Simatic Manager I can see the IO maps when "x" shows me which memory areas are used and without "x" dont. Is there something similar on GXDeveloper software? Thanks for your repply and time.
  3. B&R cp260 program upload?

    Hello Zolti103, As far I know the only upload possible on B&R plcs are the hardware upload, but never any software upload. I do think the same is applied on PCMCIA cards. Once I performed a sucessfull backup of a Compact Flash card (CF) using a PC and inserting this card in a USB card reader, but all the info inside was compiled, so any change is possible unless you have the source code.