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  1. Bit Position Word

    There is TST.. https://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/topic/42330-test-bit-instruction/
  2. Omron CJ2M and CP1L as I/O expansion over ethernet

    Crossbow is right If you need a deterministic update, using a CP1L for RemoteIO is not the way to go. saying that, you should be able to get updates from a CP1L using FINS within 500ms. (I can probably validate this) I wouldn’t be using those FBs if there more than 1x instance required..
  3. Send data TXD548)

    You don’t need to set a delay necessarily (although a small one won’t hurt), but check/wait for the port to be not busy/InUse
  4. cx programmer to nd designer

    nd designer.? Or do you mean NB designer? I know there is a test tool, but can remember if it connects to the cx-p simulator 
  5. Project Search

    so just tested this & looks to be something I can work with. you must match the leading characters, rather than a string inside the name. (ie. We have the 3241_1 (xyz) as the name), but xyz cannot be used..   Either way, is something better!!
  6. Project Search

    Hi, Does anyone attempt to use the project name search? Is there any tips to getting it to do what you want? Whenever I try to use it, it does not match/filter the project names in the order requested. If I have projects named 3451_1 (X12), 3451_2 (X13) etc & I put in 3451_1, it returns both because of the X13 .. Is there anyway to improve this, as is very frustrating..  
  7. Project Search

    Is that documented anywhere.?
  8. ETN21 Firmware update posible/not posible?

    Yep, I would agree about the CJ series of firmware update. such a shame omron never adapted the option for this series 

    Why must you use CMND..? edit: just read the post in the link. So you are wanting to use a master plc to set/sync the time of the remote PLCs via FINScommands
  10. Built-in input and interrupt - Input 1

    Have you cycled power to PLC after changing the settings?
  11. Omron FINS/TCP Reconnecting

    PMCR / Michael Walsh be the best to reply here, but sounds like the PLC is keeping the socket open perhaps or the disconnect/close command in your api is not succeeding what PLC are you trying to connect/test with.? The smaller bricks only have 3x sockets available ..  
  12. Sysmac Updates

    Why is it that Sysmac requires so much disk space for an update to occur.? my VM had ~11gb spare (90gb size..) & it would not install the update due to requiring 13gb free. I managed to clean some space to complete & final disk size had not increased by that amount.   does it do some sort of ISO mount/un-mount?
  13. How to use alarm buzzer in NS screens

      Hmm, maybe I forgot to send. Have just done again now I thought I would make the attempt at uploading files, but forum failed on me  
  14. How to use alarm buzzer in NS screens

    i have sent you a PM, can you email me?  
  15. Ethernet port reset NX102

    We had an issue where the port was locking up & could not work out why, so implemented a reset like this. as it turned out, it was a configuration issue that was not obvious couple with our HMI comms method that caused the lockup.
  16. How to use alarm buzzer in NS screens

    Hi Bob, check out the System Bit area SB12/13/15 you can map it to plc area & then drive directly from your program.   System Setting/Initial tab. There is a button called System Memory List that gives the allocations 
  17. Origin search - different position

    @pturmel, the functions used are PLC config, not the drive. These applications need to be connected exactly as per the manual to work. It is possible that this is not the case for the OP.   If it were me, I’d be rolling my own code based on what is actually installed. All that is needed is a home sensor .
  18. Change the source unit in the G3 to be 0. Try that, it it doesn’t work you will most likely need a routing table in the PLC  
  19. Multiple branches in a single network

    Add a P_On first, then it will be possible
  20. OMRON CJ1W-ETN21 Node Number

    They are the UNIT NO switchs bob, not the NODE NO
  21. OMRON CJ1W-ETN21 Node Number

    Unit No OR Node No.? Unit No can be derived from the IO table & usually Node No is the last octet of IP address
  22. CP1L-EL TCP socket Services

    Is your intent to control these drives or just monitor? IMHO, I don’t believe the CP series were designed with this intent (although I could be wrong..) Even monitoring more than 1x device is pushing the boundaries (I think)
  23. CJ2M-CPU32 DM area for "unit settings"

    Why not just download the settings via CX-P in the tree? by doing this, you are checking the settings are what you want/expect also.
  24. What do you mean by pointers.?  
  25. USB Connection Issue

    As there are now multiple drivers, you have to select the relevant one for your device. You should be able to locate the driver manually.   I have had this issue when using a brick PLC, NS & NB screens where have had to manually change the driver for the USB connection