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  1. New to Siemens

    I would recommend to start learning SIEMENS PLCs with a S7-PLCSIM software - a virtual S7-300/S7-400 PLC from SIEMENS that integrates into STEP7
  2. Setting of overloads

    Hi, Software is called SIMOCODE ES, see link;treeLang=en Best regards
  3. SOFNET S7 OPC Server

    Arrays for SIEMENS OPC are possible. Use OPC Scout software to adjust them Best reards!
  4. TP170B problem

    Make sure that this bit tag has setting 'read continuosly'
  5. BR bit

    Using it very simple indeed. 1. When writing a Function (FC) or FunctionBlock (FB) SAVE instruction at the end of the block, for example: A #Some_Variable // copy Some_Variable value to a BR bit SAVE 2. When calling this FC or FB, do it in FBD language. You will see ENO output of this block. This is the signal, containing your saved BR You can feed this output to any other BOOL input (another FC or FB, memory, etc.) Best Regards!
  6. Wincc 6.2 and SQL server 2005 Instanz Wincc

    Actually, a SQL server for WinCC can be installed from any installation package, not strictly from WinCC installer. Try to find general SQL server 2005 installer. During installation of SQL-server, you will be asked to enter the name of the SQL-instance. You must enter 'WINCC' (otherwise WinCC fails to connect to SQL-server). Best Regards!
  7. S7-200 cpu 224 and OP3

    If you need a cheap decision, remake the cable to connect an external 24V supply (pins 7 and 2) see at page 15-4 Best regards
  8. Need help with CX-Simulator

    The aim is to create the analog of PLCSIM Blockset, the very useful software I use myself for couple of years in industrial automation. It connects from Simulink to SIEMENS virtual PLC (S7-PLCSIM) via an ActiveX. Actually, I have no experience in CX-one software yet If somebody's interested in result, please keep the topic live
  9. Need help with CX-Simulator

    Hi everybody. Does anybody use CX-Simulator to connect to other external modelling software? My intention is to connect CX-Simulation with MATLAB / Simulink
  10. 1 Button Latch Problem

    try this: A I 0.0 FP M 0.0 JCN _001 AN Q 0.0 = Q 0.0 _001: NOP 0 Best regards
  11. MD720-3 GSM modem & S7-200 PLC

    I've had an experience with non-SIEMENS EDGE modems ER-75i, connected to S7-200 and S7-300 PLCs. A PC with VPN client software was on other side. If static IP is obtainable, a modem-to-modem VPN tunnel must work without a problem