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  1. Protool / Protool Pro

    I have the license, its the actual software I need. You can distribute the software freely as without a license it just switches into demo mode. I called tech support and they no longer offer any version of protool. The website only has updates from 6.0 so I still need the original CD or download. I can convert to WinCC without issue but the screens I need it for are not supported by WinCC (TP27 OP17 etc etc). Ill keep searching, thanks for hints / help so far!
  2. PLC Trainer(s) wanted?

    Thanks, Ill give them a try, just sent an email now! Thanks mate
  3. Protool / Protool Pro

    Tech support will not supply it any more, they say it is now obsolete. They basically said that their technology has a 10 year life cycle, which apparently isnt very old these days. In the home that may be the case but in factories, come on. Ill keep searching
  4. PLC Trainer(s) wanted?

    Hi, We are looking for someone who may be able to, or someone who has information regarding PLC trainers who could offer a training course for our engineers. We have 8 Engineers who would require training in both Siemens (S7) and Allen Bradley (RSLogix 5000). It would be better if a trainer could provide training in both areas, but if not then this is also ok. Rather than a fully structured course, we would also be looking to structure things to suite our needs, this way no time is wasted on areas that we would not really be using. Our office is based in Solihull and again, if the company would have the ability to visit us there this would be great, if not then we would be able to travel to you. Anyone who can offer any information or if there is anyone who offers this service this would be fantastic! Thanks
  5. Protool / Protool Pro

    We have an issue with work where we have lost our working copy of Protool RT/Pro. I am struggling to find anyone who has a copy that can be shared. I have full Siemens authorisation for this, as I remember rightly an installation without this would just gve me a `demo mode` so I think I am ok to be asking for this. Any help would be hugely appreciated, we are desperate for this as at the moment we only have 1 installation across 18 engineers! Thanks in advance!
  6. Using S7, Ethernet & VMWare?

    Hi, I am trying to setup VMWare on my laptop so that I can easily use S7 / Allen bradley etc without too much installation time accross many machines. Before this is done, first of all I need to get everything up and running. I am having trouble getting Step 7 manager to communicate via Ethernet with the PLC. My Laptops OS is Windows 7, and the OS of the Virtual Machine is Windows Xp. I am using Step 7 V5.4 SP5 to try to do this. Do I need to alter IP address settings in Window 7 or can these stay as Automatic? also do I need to alter any Virtual Machine settings (ie for network bridges etc)? Normally I would alter the IP of my laptop to an address that is close to that of the PLC and I would just be connected. I'm assuming that it will still be this simple, it's just I'm not quite doing it right. Thanks NB - I have managed to communicate with the PLC via USB - MPI adaptor without any issuue.
  7. WinCC _LDF.log file issue

    Hi When using WinCC today I could not open a recent backup of a project because I got the error message that the .ldf file was missing. Is there a way around this? What if somebody was not aware of this issue and only supplied the hmi file? I cannot remember the exact error message but could get it if needed. Thnkyou
  8. Usefull stuff?

    Has anyone used this? Also does anyone know if there is a way to setup a profile the puts it back to auto detect IP?
  9. Laptop setup and VMWARE advice?

    Thanks for all the info guys. Managed to get a 30day trial with VMware and have realised the player is also free, so I know the answer to this question but want to ask anyway - We could buy VM workstation and use it to set up the Virtual Machines on a master computer. VMplayer could then be used on all of our machines to play each of these files, is this correct? I know the licensing would be an issue but that will be sorted if it works Thanks
  10. Laptop setup and VMWARE advice?

    Ouch! so if I had 7 virtual machines I would need 7 licenses, even though it was all on the same laptop? You mention windows 7 pro and windows xp virtual. This implies that it does it for you without the need for Vmware? is this correct?
  11. Hi, Recently I have had some issues with my laptop which has meant I have (or am in the process of) wiping my laptop and reinstalling all of my software. This is a long and laborious task as I like to have a separate partitions for each type of software I use (S7, AB, Visiomotion, Protool) which involves 4 partitions but each with relevant drivers, msoffice etc. I was recently told about VMware and think this might make things easier. Am I right in thinking that I could in theory setup my laptop with just the basics installed (MSoffice, XP vista or W7, itunes etc etc etc) then using VMware, have files containing; XP, S7 & WINCC XP, RSlogix 5000, Panel builder, Factory talk Win98, Protool Pro (I think) XP. Visualmotion. Am I also right in thinking that once created, these files can be backed up, so should I have issues in the future it will be very quick for me to wipe and start again, as I would simply need to install the Vmware software then copy the files back? Any help / recomendations would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  12. RSView 5.0 / 5.1 issues?

    Hi, First I should point out that while I am able to use Allen Bradley I am mainly used to working with Siemens. On a recent project with work I was required to use some software which used RsView 5.0. I have used 4.0 previously but this was a few years back. I managed to get hold of a copy of 5.0 in our office today and installed it on my PC. When I opened the Factory Talk software and selected the project, the loading bar would get to about 3/4 of the way and then the system would hang. I tried uninstalling and installing 5.1. I got an error message when opening the software which informed me that the program would be converted to suit the new version (5.1). I clicked ok, but the same happened. I have installed on my PG - (pardon me if program names are wrong) OS - Windows XP SP2 RSlogix 5000 RSLinx RSView / Factory talk 5.1 Panelbuilder 32 Siemens S7 Manager PRotool / Protool runtime WIN CC There may be other minor nexxesary programs related to all of the above, but these are the major packages related to my issue. Are there any known conflicts between RSView and Siemens or XP? Am I doing something really silly? Thanks in advance!
  13. 1 Button Latch Problem

    A colleague has phoned me asking me how to create a block which will work as a latch circuit, but the circuit needs to be started, and stopped using the same push button. I have suggested this; ____M0.1______ ----[i0.1]--(p)-------I Set I I I I I -[i0.1]-[m0.1]--(p)--I Reset I I_____________I Unfortunatly im sat in an airport so I have no way of testing this but will this work? If not has anyobody got any ideas on a simple way of doing this, so that pushing the button once will Set and address then pushing it again will reset. Thanks!
  14. Protool CS & OP17 Compiler

    Thanks for the response. I have tried both opening the project in S7 and exporting and opening the project in protool, with and without intergration. I emailed the software to a colleague and he managed to compile the software without issue. I was then able to download the files without issue. I still cant compile though, but I think it might be more to do with my version of protool. When I get the chance im going to try and resinstall the software from scratch and try it again. Thanks again for your help.
  15. OP15 Help!

    Hi All! I have a problem with an OP15C screen. Someone has very kindly driven a fork lift truck into the screen and broke it I have sent it away for repair and am currently waiting to see if the screen can be fixed, or if a local supplier can provide me with a re conditioned model (as they are now obsolete). Has anyone here ever transferred a project onto an OP15 screen? The project file I have ends in the file extension .O15. If so does anybody know; - What software do I need, I understand that it is a DOS based program. Is this available for download anywhere, or are there any 3rd party programs that can do this. - What cables do I need to do this? - Is it possible to do the transfer using my PC which has Windows XP running on it. Any help or relevant referance information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!