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  1. My company has just installed a new machine with Micrologix 1100 plc, the serial port is being used for the HMI, so therefore I would like to use the ethernet port to communicate with the SLC 5/04 of a nearby machine. Is this possible?
  2. Adding integer values

    Thanks for everyones suggestions so far. It is on an SLC 5/05 processor I am trying to do this. When using CPT command will i just need to write in an equation like n7:0+n7:1+n7:2........n7:128. Or is there a quicker, shorter way. In response to going over the overflow value, the highest value in any one integer value is 16. The root of this problem is that I need to know when the values from N7:0 to N7:128 are all equal to zero. As this will tell me there is no product in the machine and allow me to switch off burners and other parts of the machine for energy saving.
  3. Adding integer values

    I'm trying to add together the total value of the contents of 128 integer files using RSLogix 500. I want to know if there is a quick way rather writing 128 Add commands. Hope someone can help.
  4. RSLinx to Excel

    I have heard that you can monitor values in a plc using RSlinx and Excel and they can then be used for graphs and the like. Anyone got any ideas how I go about this? Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. Panelview plus

    Hope someone can help. The production manager at my factory recently visited another business and while there he noticed there panelviews had there company logo as a screensaver. Therefore he has tasked me with the same thing at our factory, but I just can't workout how to do this. Anyone got any ideas. Thanks
  6. Factorytalk View Studio

    Can anyone tell me how i can password protect a button? On a panelview plus I have a menu screen with a series of buttons for going to other screens. I am looking to protect my 'Engineers' and 'Calibration' screens from operators. Any help would be apreciated.