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  1. How can I do a simple sequence step delay

    You don't mention your CPU, I've encountered this with a 315 CPU, the newer 1500 works in the fashion of your first example.  For the older CPU I'll use an S5 timer to create a dwell in the same network.  I don't necessarily like using the S5 timers, but sometimes its just easier providing I'm not setting a timer preset from an HMI.
  2. Ignition - any review?

    I've been setting up a small system to read gas flow on 9 of our furnaces, including log,report,trending. Its fairly easy to configure, and their support agents are quite helpful and quick to respond. I've gained a lot of knowledge from the forum they host also. Unfortunately my IT deptartment restricts the video host for their Inductive University, otherwise I would have made use of that. Rich
  3. Tapping holes

    I use two flute 'gun' taps in the cordless drill with a pilot hole just oversize from standard without trouble, the taps only break when they start to wear.
  4. I just tried it with no problems, prompted to save filename Sounds like there is not a problem on this end.
  5. Transistor or Relay outputs?

    I used to use mainly relay outputs for everything with an interposing relay for larger loads, now I'm leaning toward transistor outputs and interposing relays for general use and the transistor outputs by themselves only for fast switching needs. I should mention that most of my output loads are 120VAC.
  6. Overhead Crane Remotes
  7. Way Off The Wall

    How about a seperate switch for the ignition? If you get the engine spinning first and then throw the fire to it that should help a bit on the voltage drop.
  8. Way Off The Wall

    There is a "sparkplug" version that combines the two, but that is rather pricey at about $300. A better option is to drill the heads for dual plugs and use the second plug hole (usually a 10mm hole) for the release. A better option being under $100.
  9. Way Off The Wall

    You could also add some compression releases if its a real high compression engine, short of a high torgue starter that could be the route to go other than a good battery and good connections.
  10. Overhead Crane Remotes

    Here's the link for Hubbell Industrial Controls -
  11. Overhead Crane Remotes

    We have Hubbell/Femco remotes on two of our EOT cranes, have been very trouble-free over the last five years. Most failures have been attributed to the old 35+ year old EC&M magnetics, and not the remote system.
  12. Medoc 2.41 and Windows XP

    I have found on my 2k machine, if I set the properties to fullscreen mode and set the buffer in 'layout' to 80 x 25 I have a full screen as expected, previously only the top half of the screen was utilized.
  13. Off-delay Timing For Fx

    Thanks for your reply. That does the trick, just what I was looking for. I previously required 5 lines of ladder, that's why I said it was a bit much. Thanks Again!
  14. Off-delay Timing For Fx

    Hi all, I am presently using Mitsubishi's FX series PLCs, programming with MEDOC. I am looking for an easier way to create a TRUE off-delay. To accomplish this now I have to use a relay equivalent, a latch, and an on-delay timer. This gets to be a bit much when you you need more than a couple of off-delays. Any thoughts? Thanks,