Is there any RSLogix 5000 Memory Analyzing Software?

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Searching the forum did not provide me with any useful results. If there is another post with an answer, my apologies.

I had ran into an issue with a 1769-L32E processor running out of memory a couple of times. Is there any software or easy ways to analyze an entire RSLogix 5000 project and show how much memory programs, routines, UDTs, AOIs, etc. are using? 

Ideally I would like to be able to find what components of the project is taking up so much memory quickly since our company standard is to use UDTs and there is a lot to look through.

Thank you!

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Can you be more specific on your statement - memory is always a commodity. 

  • are you getting a fault on the plc?
  • are you running a continuous task?
  • what is your max scan time on the plc?
  • did you look at the breakdown on the controller for memory (it is under the controller properties , memory tab)? What is the most usage on (Tags, tasks, udts,...)?
  • did you run the task monitoring tool as a diagnostic tool?
  • did you do a calculated estimated data usage (the table is in the rockwell manual for L32)? 
  • is it possible to store on the sd card and recall from the sd card (f.e. setting values instead of keeping it stored in large arrays)?
  • Are you using strings and can you truncate the strings to smaller sized strings. f.e. make the .len 8 instead 
  • is it possible to go with another L3x series controller with larger memory options: L33, L34, ... 

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From the controller properties, you can see available and used memory.

From the tasks you can see scan times.

If memory is low, there are a few things you can do to reduce the memory used.  A copy of every datatype, module type, udt and aoi is downloaded to the controller, even if there is nothing is using them in code.  Going offline you need to check for cross-references for every data type, module type, udt, aoi.  If they are not used in the program, you'll want to delete them and download to the controller.  I've been able to reduce memory usage by 10%.

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