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  1. Hi, you have to give us some number (how much do you expect) then we'll make an offer
  2. Neutals in control panels

    Neutral is requiered to derivade a 120 volts from a Y connection ( neutral to hot line). If you have a Delta connection you can use the ground as a neutral to derivade a 120 volts, that's for 3PH, 220 volts system. If you have 480 volts system you can have 220 volts from neutral to a hot wire. You also can use a step down transformer; 480/120 or 220/120 volts. You have to be careful when conncting equipment otherwise you will violate the National Electrical code.
  3. SCADA courses, anyone tried one?

    I contacted IDC technologies but they no offer this training in America. Does anybody know about any SCADA training online here in America?
  4. Yes, both run with XP Home. I do have XP Home in my laptop and I haven't had problem running RSLinx, or RSLogic 500.
  5. PLC weather station DIY project

    We need more details about this project, there parts that you do not describe clearly. With respect to the proximate switch you can pick keyance with fiber optics, I do not have the part number handy, these switches have the ability of picking objects moving at very high speed from 1/32" to 8 ". As soon as you start putting parts together let me know I have a couple of these switches available in the shop that I send to you.
  6. Sysmac CQM1 Omron

    Thank you very much, I really appreciate your help.
  7. I'm going through the same situation; in the packaging department we have production lines with AB, Mitsubishi, and Omron PLC's. my platform is mainly AB, but last week one of Omron PLC's lost the program and the whole line stopped and the worse case is that we do not have the software; my boss ask me to buy the software and upload the program fron another controller, I ordered it but it will take about a week, fortunately for me I'm using this time to get to know about Omron conrollers.
  8. Sysmac CQM1 Omron

    Hello anonymous, I really appreciate you help. Is there any specific procedure to upload/download program from a Sysmac CQM1; driver configuration, Programming mode, switches, etc..?
  9. Sysmac CQM1 Omron

    Hi anonymous, Do you know what version of CX and type of cables I should use for this application? Thanks.
  10. Sysmac CQM1 Omron

    Hi folks, I need to upload a program application from a Sysmac CQM1 Omron controller and download it onto another machine but I do not have experience with this type of controller. I also need to know what programming software and cables I should use, and where I can find them. Any help would be be greatly appreciate. Thanks, Robert.
  11. AB 1500

    Thanks Ken, this will be very helpful
  12. Hi folks, I would appreciate any help on this topic. I have a AB 1500 with a flashing fault light. This fault light occured when one of packaging line mechanic tried to replace the back up battery, according to this the program is lost, I want to download the application program but everytime I try communicacion failed. I'm using a serial 9 pins to USB cable. I've tried different cables with same result. This unit has a communication push button with three position, I switched to prog mode but still the same. I do not have much experience on this type of controller. Once again folks, I would appreciate any help.
  13. PLC Test Rack

    Did you build it yourself? can you give me a bill of material and connection diagram so that I can build my own?
  14. Hi, never is too late to learn PLC, I started learning PLC 2 years ago, I'm almost 50 years old. One thing that really help me out is that I have Electrical Engineering background but you do not need a college degree to become a PLC Technician. Most Universities or colleges do not offer PLC as a program but they do have some Automatic Control classes and Robotic classes where they include PLC as a general topic, therefore I'd suggest you to buy some self training PLC kit from Allen-Bradley, or from ebay. If you have you High School degree or you GED you could enroll at some Comunit College or Vocational School and start taking some Electrical Engineering Technology courses. Good Luck.
  15. Hi, I'm in process of buying a new laptop for my PLC's applications but I'm having hard time trying to find the right one, could you please give me some advice on this matter? I'll really appreciate your help. Thanks, Robert.