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  1. Router Communication Issues

    Use the Ethernet/IP driver, instead of the ethernet devices driver. When you configure the driver, just tell it to browse the local subnet. You will need to know the first 3 octets of the controller's I.P. address and its subnet mask to configure your PC network card. Also, you may have to disable the XP firewall, or modify a rule allowing RSLinx to connect with the Ethernet/IP driver. Is this a new CPU/program? If not, you should be able to get the IP address/subnet mask form the offline program.
  2. Kinetix Motion Pros & Cons

    I have not used it yet, but since I work for an AB distributor, I get to see all the demos and try to soak up all the knowledge I can from our motion specialist. As someone who has used other motion platforms previously, these are some of the obvious benefits (at least as I see them): 1) A single programming environment 2) Greatly reduced wiring 3) Common communications architecture between controller and servos 4) Fewer pice/parts, since the motion control resides in the PLC chassis Coming motion enhancements (later this year) with RSLogix 5000 V16: 1) Added support for 2 and 3-axis articulated dependent and independent geometires 2) 2 and 3-axis SCARA independent geometries added 3) Will support packaging top-loader and material-handling pick-and-place applications 4) Enhanced coordinate config for handling non-Cartesian systems 5) Will allow dynamic path profile tranlation and rotation 6) Ability to modify existing CAM points online 7) Will incorporate 2 new Homing methods - Home to torque level and Home to torque marker 8) Will support the new Kinetix 2000 (low-power) servos, and Kinetix 7000 (high-power AC) servos and new linear actuators 9) Not necessarily motion only related, but V16 will give L6x controllers the ability to manage all system firmware. Firmware for all modules AC drives/servos connected to the Logix can be stored on the controller's ControlFlash card. When a component is replaced, the controller will automatically flash the new component to the coreect F/W level.
  3. 1746sc-ctr8 Help

    Never used one personally, but Spectrum Controls has an example paint filling application using a MicroMotion coriolis meter here: The users manual is here: This page contains a ladder logic sample, EDS file, and Firmware downloads:
  4. One Pb-----latch/unlatch

    Try looking here, but it's more of what has already been offered up.
  5. Cables For Dh+ Network

    CommScope 9022 is an approved equivalent to Belden 9463.
  6. Rs Logix 500 & Panelview 300

    Yes, the 1746-CP3 cable will connect you to CH.0 (serial) port of the 5/05 CPU. What is the serial port on the SLC configured for (RS-232 DF1 or DH-485)? If it is RS-232 DF1, then configure the RS-232 devices driver in RSLinx. If it is DH-485, configure the 1747-PIC/AIC+ driver in RSLinx, but do not use the PIC device, use the CP3 cable. The PIC will not work with the 5/05, as the RJ45 port (CH.1) is ethernet. The 2711-NC13 cable will work, but the RSLinx set-up will depend on the full model # of the PanelView.
  7. Rslogix 5000 Lite Version

    RSLogix 5000 Lite (9324-RLD250ENE) allows you to upload/download programs to/from CompactLogix and FlexLogix controllers, with no editing function (you can't write or modify a program). It is not a free download - $1,300.00 USD. RSLogix Service Edition (9324-RLD000ENE) allows you to go online and view programs only; no upload/download or editing. $530.00 USD. There is a free version of RSLogix 500, which will only program a 10-point MicroLogix controller. It can be downloaded off the web.
  8. Ml1200r (shared Ports?)

    Yes, you can do what you are asking; this was an old issue with firmware FRN 10. If your ML 1200 is FRN 10.1 or greater, you can do it. If you have FRN 10 or older, follow the steps listed at this link:
  9. Attached is the DeviceNet planning and installation manual; it contains trunk/drop line length restrictions for all of the possible baud rates. Since you haven't selected a controller yet, if you choose Ethernet/IP, you will have to use ControLogix/CompactLogix. SLC/ PLC5 will only support peer-to-peer data transfer over Ethernet; no I/O
  10. UnmanagedSwitches_07252005.pdfThis is a topic that I have seen come up in this and other forums, as well as a FAQ to distributors like myself. The attached document can help you decide which type of switch you need and how to measure your network performance if you are already using an un-managed switch.
  11. Strange Printout With Rsl500 V6.0.0

    You should be able to modify all of those settings in RSLogix. Go to FILE>REPORT OPTIONS. You should have a project tree of folders down the left-side of the screen. You can open the Headers and Footers folder and turn them off. There is also a separate Fonts folder. I am using RSLogix V 7.0; I don't exactly remember the layout of V 6.0, so it may be a little different.
  12. Micrologix Problem

    MicroLogix are very sensitive to electrical noise/poor power quality. Ensure that the ML1000 is connected to a good solid ground via AWG14 ground wire. You might want to put a TVSS/Noise suppressor on the power feeding the ML1000 as well, unless you are sure you have good, stable power from something like a constant-voltage transformer. Also, if any of you outputs are controlling inductive loads (coils, solenoids, etc.), install surge suppressors across the outputs in accordance with the ML1000 user manual.
  13. Dh485 Connection Options

    While this option is the cheapest, if you had contacted a local distributor, you wouldn't have paid list price, but it wouldn't have been $49.00 either!
  14. Dh485 Connection Options

    If you have RSLinx, you already have the driver. From configure drivers screen, under available drivers, select the 1747-PIC/AIC+ driver.
  15. Dh485 Connection Options

    I've never used one of these copycats, but for $49.00 it would be worth a shot!