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  1. Hey guys, we got an old 3 rack Modicon 984 685E system that runs our refrigeration. Yesterday for some reason the processor all of sudden took itself out of run mode. Nothing else was noticeably wrong. We had to cycle the power on/off switch on the processor and luckily it went back into run mode and everything took off. Any ideas on what could have caused this. I have a had time believing that this is normal. Thanks in advance. JS
  2. ADD Function

    BobLfoot; Thank you very much. That works perfectly and makes perfect sense. I will definetely remember the neatness of using JSRs throughout the program. Again, I appreciate everyones help on this one. Now all I got to do is learn how to create a queue.
  3. ADD Function

    The only time the one second delays are used is when the system is started. Basically each table is controlled by 2 timers one is the amount of time the table will auctually spray, the other is the off time. Currently there really aren't any conditions to start a table besides its own timers, like a sprinkler system. However I would like to limit the number of tables to be sprayed at once to a number (probably 4) due to the chemical that we are spraying emitting an odor. The timer logic with the addition of the LEQ works, but on the first pass only. Then its just like B_Carlton said if there is more than one table that is ready to start when the 4th table shuts off, all of the tables start. I have tried his solution, and can' get it to work. I am stumped on this one. I appreciate your help and thanks in advance. By the way I use the EN bit of the running timer to latch around the LEQ and the DN bit of the off timer to break the latch if this helps at all.
  4. ADD Function

    Yes I just tried it. It works great. I appreciate all your guys help on that one. I am still however having issues with preventing more than 4 tables from spraying at the same time. Bob mentioned putting a LEQ in series with my spray permitting logic. I have done that and it kind of works. When you first start the system each table has a 1 second delay before auctually starting so only the first 4 tables start, which is good. But after that it does not work. I am not quite sure why because everything happens so quickly. Might have to post some logic for this one. Any other suggestions based on this info. Thanks in advance. JS
  5. ADD Function

    Are you sure you don't have to use one shots. I tried this and it continues to count very quickly as long as the EN bit is true. I am currently using the one shots with the EN and DN bit but the count is not reilable. Over the period of 30 minutes of so my count if off by at least 3. Is there a more reliable way than using the one shots?
  6. ADD Function

    Not quite sure I understand Peter. How would N7:0 be anything other than 0? JS
  7. ADD Function

    Thanks Mickey. Your note is what saved me. All my one shots had the same address. Ooops. On another note, any suggestions on logic to prevent more than 4 tables to spray at the same time. We have 8 tables that will spray when needed but we don't want any more than 4 to be spraying at the same time. Thanks a lot Mickey I appreciate your help.
  8. ADD Function

    Here is my issue. We are installing a table spray system in our plant. We have 8 tables and I need to know how many tables are on at any time. Each valve is controlled by a seperate timer and what I have tried doing is using the EN bit of each timer to add a 1 to an integer location and the DN bit of the same timer to subtract a 1 from the integer location. How do I get the ADD funtion to ONLY add a 1 each time. Once the EN comes on its seems to just add a 1 each scan until I am beyond 32767 and the processor faults. I think a ONS is what I need to use but can't seem to get it to work. How would you use a ONS to accomplish this or is there some other way? I appreciate your time and thanks for your help in advance. JS
  9. We just got some of these Panelview C600s in and I have programmed one and copied the application over to my computer without any problems. Now I want to transfer that same application over to another C600. I use the file transfer wizard just like when you are going from the C600 to my computer except I select the file source to be my computer, I then choose application and then it tells me to select file. From here I can do nothing. I click the browse button and nothing pops up. Anybody ran into this scenario before or have any experience programming the C600s? Thanks in advance. PS. I am using Internet Explorer 6.0 but haven't had any problems as of yet. JS
  10. SLC5/05 Fault Code 2Ch?

    Mickey: Changes to what? The only thing we did recently was make changes to the RSview32 application. We installed it under the admin log in and were trying to make it available to other users on the cpu. Still didn't get that working but thats whole different topic. Left if running under the Admin log in and it was working fine. What does that fault mean? Could this have caused the processor to fault? JS
  11. SLC5/05 Fault Code 2Ch?

    I had a 5/05 processor fault out Friday night. The keyswitch was able to get it back into run mode. The last major fault code was 2Ch. I can't find anything on this code and was wondering if anybody knew what it is. The PLC is hooked up to a PC via ethernet running RSview32. Thanks for your help. JS
  12. RSLogix 5000 Wall Clock

    I need to reset a group of RTO's at 6AM every morning. I have never used the free running clock in RSLogix 5000 and can't seem to find it anywhere. How would I go about doing so? Your help is appreciated. Thanks in advance. JS
  13. RSview32 Works Screen List

    That will work. Thanks a lot finfin for your quick response. I have already tested it and put it in to use. That sure is a lot better than using all the buttons on every screen. Once again this site comes through. Awesome! JS
  14. RSview32 Works Screen List

    Just wondering if anybody knows if there is a screen selector list available in RSview32 Works. I would like to add one to each screen so the operator can go to whatever screen they want from whatever screen they were at. I have too many screens to have buttons for each and every one on every screen. I hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance. JWS
  15. RSview32 Works Expression Help

    Everything worked just fine using a "button". It did allow me to set more than 1 tag. I appreciate your help gmferg. I guess I was really overthinking this one. Thanks again. JS