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  1. The Proworx32 should be used to update the traffic cop/ memory map in the PLC for sure.  That should correct how the STAT block responds to the card, eliminating the error.  
  2. Communication

    Yes, the baud rate is excessively high. What cable are you using? I am assuming that you have no duplicate addresses. What is the terminating resister value? What is the resistance across the network cable?
  3. Modicon 984

    That is correct. But even on the "master" rack  you do NOT need to kill power to replace an I/O card.
  4. The original 200 series with the "knurled pins" allowed for maximum I/O flexibility, but some folks didn't use common sense when setting them as you found out!
  5. Crossbow, you are correct! NXT will NOT communicate with a 484. A 484 is asynchronous and also needs a hardware asynchronous to serial convertor (Modicon J470).
  6. Modbus Plus to PC

    Collinsd70, you are correct. They work well but are costly!
  7. Once the processor has lost its' memory, the comm addresses default back to 1 for MB & MB+. Once the program is reloaded and the processor is started to Run, the addresses will be set by the newly reloaded program.
  8. What address are you attempting to connect? If the unit is defaulted, it has returned to address 1.
  9. Modicon 984

    You do not need to kill power to replace an I/O card. You can replace it "hot".  You only need to kill power on the processor, remote I/O interfaces, power supplies etc. The J890 gets updated from the processor on power up. nothing to reload there. Also, no programming changes for replacement card.
  10. OK. Sounds great! I think the other way, I think the Modicon is the best....of course I worked for them for about 20 years too! LOL You are welcome to contact me directly at my office via email bobculley@deltaautomation. Thanks! Bob
  11. Be certain that your communication parameters are set up correctly. (serial parameters,UBS, ethernet, etc). To just download, go to direct to online (dto), once online, you should be able to download the program. Let me know if you need more help.  I can get on the phone with you if needed. Good luck.
  12. What type of trunk cable (RG-6-RG-11-quad shield?) are you utilizing? How many drops are on the sytem? Do you have a rough idea of the total length of the cable? What test equipment have you used to trouble shoot? Bob
  13. Set the port that you are communicating to the programming terminal as a slave.
  14. This should work OK. Not sure I'm following the actual reason for doing that, but you can manipulate the pointer either way. Almost nothing that you can program in a Modicon Quantum will cause processor faults..... the logic entered may not function as you intended, but the PLC will continue to run and process the other logic.
  15. ProWorx 32 isn't as terrible as it was originally. It's still NOT NXT though! Since it sounds like you will be utilizing it mostly for maintenance purposes now and for the foreseeable future, it shouldn't be too bad to convert. It is as if you will be utilizing a completely different PLC language. There is no similarity between NXT and 32. It just takes some getting used to. The configuration set up screens and traffic copping are a little cumbersome, but again it sounds as though you're not going to be doing program development on these units. The ladder logic screens are not too terribly bad. The comments etc will convert over with some degree of frustration but do work. Schneider really has no other option for it's steadily declining market share....... Good luck! Bob
  16. Modsoft was never designed to work with the 484. In fact, Modicon never produced any PC based 484 software. Taylor had a DOS based program that worked well. Currently there are two ways to get a print out of your 484 logic. One is with the old P190, J470, and the P190 tapes, and a serial printer. The other is to use the Taylor software, a J470 and a regular printer. I have both of these set ups here at my office. If you'd like, email or call me and I'll be glad to assist you. Thanks, Bob
  17. I am in the process of converting a 984B program to a Quantum platform. The 984B has a drum loadable module which is not compatible in the Quantum. I think that I can utilize the SCIF function block as a substitute. However the registers don't line up. Has anyone found a quick way to allocate these registers properly without doing a bunch of cumbersome register moving?
  18. Schneider compacts

    Those are considered obsolet by Modicon, but you can still get replacement parts, spares and repair don eon these unit. If they are not giving you any issues and you don't need the additional features of the newer units, I would continue to utilize them. You may email me directly for more info. Thanks, ModiconBob
  19. B883-001

    This module can be removed under power without any hardware damage to it or the other items in the rack. I do not recommend doing that as the transfer of the register info to and from the cpu will be unpredictible and the results may affect your application adversly. It sounds as though the module is failing intermittently. On the remote I/O interface, is the Ourbus light flashing a regularly spaced error pattern? Or is it flashing intermittently? Does the Ourbus light light coming on coniside with the loos of comm to the B883? Basically the Ourbus light indicates that the interface cannot communicate with one (or more) cards in the rack that are traffic copped.
  20. 984-145 processor

    Modsoft will function for this. ProWorxNXT is great but no longer available. Any 984 software will work with this unit, P190 based, DOS based, etc. The distributor has Proworx32, but it's junk, and it's expensive. Schneider has done a poor job of taking care of their legacy product customers. Email me, I may have some alternative paths to accomplish this.
  21. When you select "online", NXT should request an address for the PLC. Modicon typically defaults to one (1), but it could be anything between 1 & 255. This is the attaching process for NXT. In the much older programs, you had to perform a specific attach routine. The name attach just has stuck around. After NXT allows you to look at the logic when online, you are attached. Again, the cable plays an important part here, especially if you are using a 9 pin to 25 pin adapter on the cable. Not all of these adapters will function correctly. A common problem with them is the not logged in error.
  22. You must first be connected to the PLC with the proper cable, then you must "attach" (NXT lingo to begin online communications). Also the PLC must have the memory protect key in the off position and the NXT program must be in Program vs Monitor mode.
  23. AEG plc

    The inputs are designated by the 1 (=I for input) and outputs begin with a 0 (o=O for output) They are continous, but the original programmer isn't forced to make them consceutive, so the second input card may begin with 10017, and probably should, but it may not. It will definately begin with a muliple of 16 though. The programmer has the flexibility to put the addresses most anywhere. You will need to view the "traffic cop" or the I/O map located within the PLC. This will show you the I/O layout. Modsoft is your best bet for programming this unit. Althought it's no longer sold you should be able to locate a copy. Additionally there is Taylor Proworx, Proworx NXT and the latest Proworx 32. Proworx32 is is for sale but is overkill for this unit. Let me know if you need more help.
  24. Have you checked the raw data value coming from your analog input card? I have seen these cards fail with an "offset". Another possibility is that someone or something has overwritten a parameter in the PID2 block.