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  1. B&R Automation Studio -- how to run a project?

    Looks like I need a dongle for the Automation Runtime to work. Does anyone know if there's a "demo" mode I can use???
  2. B&R Automation Studio -- how to run a project?

    Thanks DEVO. I'll give it a try. TimD, So are you saying that I can't simulate a project on my PC? I'm trying to run their COFFEE Machine example.
  3. I've been evaluating B&R Automation Studio, and I cannot figure out how to test run a project! Sounds dumb, but anyone out there could help me out? Thanks!
  4. As far as I know, it was a programmable, industrially hardened keyboard, used before touch-screens and touch-panels existed. It was before the PanelViews days, back in the Advisor PC days.
  5. Panelview Plus Network Logon?

    This is strange. I tried it on my box and it worked. Checking the checkbox should save the credentials in the system. In a VersaView CE, for example, the credentials would be saved under Control Panel -> Owner -> Network ID. call Rockwell Tech Support?
  6. Panelview Plus Network Logon?

    I'm assuming you have a closed terminal instead of an opened one (VersaView CE). When the logon dialog popped up again, check the "Update Default Credentials" checkbox. This should do the trick.
  7. Proficy Machine Edition demo CD

    I called the local store and they said I should call 1800GEFANUC. Then they kept routing me to the wrong department (should be internal sales). So I left a message and hope they'd call me back. Thanks!
  8. Proficy Machine Edition demo CD

    Where can I obtain a copy? I was told that we used to be able to request on their website, but I can't find it. Thank you.
  9. What's the version of ME this apa was created in? And what's the version of ME you are using? Keep in mind that if the application name, in other words, the file name.apa is longer than 32 characters (including spaces), this error message will pop up as well. I found that out in a hard way.
  10. ME 5.0 (CPR9) will have Language switching support for alarms, information messages and local messages. Then we won't have to use the workaround written in the tech note.
  11. RSView ME 4.0 Security

    If you are in support, check out these two tech notes on the KnowledgeBase. Answer ID 33153 - How to use User Accounts in RSView Studio ME 4.0. Answer ID 33492 - Using & Managing RSView ME Station User Accounts Through The Local PC. Very helpful and detail explanation there.
  12. RSView studio

    I heard during RSTechEd that Runtime Application Conversion (MER to MED) will be available in CPR 9 (ME 5.0). It allows runtime files to be converted back to the development.
  13. RSView studio

    The APA is a backup of the project while the MER is the runtime version of this project. Once you make changes to the project, this project is now different from the original backup (APA) that you created. So you need to create another APA for this project if you want to back up the new changes you've made. Hope that helps.
  14. RSView ME

    I don't think RSView ME has documents like that. But there are simply Quick Start steps in Help. There are also a whole bunch of Best Practices answer (tech notes) released recently on the new Knowledgebase. Go search for "ME best" by Phrases in the Knowledgebase -- you'll find the Answer ID 36745 - RSView Machine Edition Best Practices TOC. Hope that helps.
  15. Sample Code Library

    Thank you! I didn't realize this forum got samples as well. NICE!