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  1. ControlLogix I/O

    If you are not controlling carbon rods to your reactor and you don't mind your control gear doing a bill gates on you then enet is fine. I would not touch it until it becomes scheduled and deterministic. Which is not likely. I guess eventually fast enet will be the norm, higher speed for enet is the only way around this. speed will prevail. Presently as soon as you mix with IT equipment you lose all reliablity and accountability for your control system. Losing your printer for half an hour is not the same as losing your process!!! The undeterministic nature of enet makes it a dog when comms errors begin to accumulate on your network. I presently ony use enet for non important stuff. It is a common trend to head enet way and also you see this with software, Revision after revision to fix bugs the IT way. Can you aford your control system to be like that. I think not.
  2. ControlLogix Devicenet card, firmware error

    Ifriaod, You can go backwards in firmwear but it has to be in incremental steps ie 6.6 to 5 then 5 to 4 etc rockwell website will have a bundle you can download with the other versions. If you power down the card during a firmwear upgrade / downgrade the card will be toast. Have had this happen a few times with the L1's. Regards Craig W
  3. I try to keep them brief, and use aliasing to real I/O as much as possible. Then even if you don't have a electrical schematic and are fault finding you still have some chance. I guess you probably know already but you can greatly improve program scan time and consistency if you alias the real I/O in control logix processors and use the alias throughout rather than the real I/O. You don't get hung up with RPI times this way.
  4. Interesting discussion. I have used both and would say the omron is a dog and rslogix5000 will probably be alright by the time it gets to V20. Would choose rslogix over the omron everytime. Looking at your excel spreadsheet makes me frown the whole idea of rslogix5000 is to get away from using meaningless B registers and using usefully named bits and words. Should be able to put together a program that needs no additional descriptors other than the actual tags. In this way if someone ever uploads it they will still have a reasonable chance of figuring out what is happening.
  5. Doc3.doc Hi Danny Attached is a screen dump of rslinx you should be able to use the drop down box to select a different comm port. If there are no others available on this list then you need to add comm ports in device manager on the PC. They are virtual comm ports so your cable to PLC stays in the same place. I would add a few. Regards Craig W
  6. I would try a different com port like 4 or 5 and I would also do the big reboot on the PC after removing the other DF1 it sounds like a pain but sometimes works. Some Pc's use com1 as a mouse controller. The eeror meassage you are getting is definately tell us that something is using the comm port. Regards Craig W
  7. Export Data Files to .txt or .csv file?

    Hey dave, You can get live data out of your PLC using rslinx and excel if this is what you want. Just setup a OPC/DDE topic in rslinx then copy to clipboard in rslinx. Then open excel and paste special a link. You can transfer about 300 tags at a time this way. Not sure if this is what you are after? If it is I can post you some more detail. Regards Craig W
  8. Hey Danny, If you already have a RS links DF1 configured for RS5000 it will be using your com port so you will need to delete or at least stop it running before trying with RS500. I have had this happen many many times. Regards Craig W
  9. syswin and c200H serial comms

    Thanks Bob made a new cable today so will try it. Appreciate the advise.
  10. syswin and c200H serial comms

    Yair, Thanks for the manual I have a C200H-LK201-V1. Whne using syswin do I need to select a direct serial connection or host link? I have attached what I think the setup should be for syswin does this look right to you. Regardfs Craig W Doc1.doc
  11. I have a C200H cpu03 with an LK201 module which I want to commuciate via. Any Ideas what the settings in syswin need to be for this to work. IE baud rate etc the settings on the LK201 are sw1= 0 sw 2= 0 sw3= 5 sw 4= 2 I think the PLC is unit 8. Couldn't find this anywhere in the omron manuals. Thanks In advance. Regards Craig W
  12. C200HS

    Many thanks to all I got online to the C200HS via the USB @ 9600 baud.
  13. CTs to 1756-IF4FXOF2F

    If you use the primary side the current ratio will be a lot less you can step them down even further by just using two CT's until you get to the right ratio. Your frequency of switching is going to be pretty high so normal ct's with iron cores will be no good you will need some with ferrite cores. At the high current you are talking about I would step down with the ct's then use an loop isolating transducer probably an optical one. as you don't want a mess. The current reading is probably not going to be that accurate as the SCR switching will produce alot of harmonics. AN easier way is just to take a look at what the firing rates for the SCR's are and calculate the RMS current from that and them make the big ASSUME from there.
  14. 1756-HSC and PresentValue

    I am pretty sure you will not be able to load a value into the present value tag the load preset bit is for loading a preset value into a different register in you HSC when your presentvalue exceeds the presetvalue a bit is set. There are 4 modes you can operate the HSC in and with some wiring you can freeze and hold the presentvalue and then restart and or reset it counting again. But not move a value into it. Suggest you reset it when required then start the count again.
  15. C200HS

    Thanks Bob appreciate the advise from you and others. I didn't realise I needed to setup the PLC type etc. I am a newbie with omron PLC's. Guess I better read the manual first!!! Will go to the site tomorrow and hopefully get attached and upload. The default on my PC was a CV1000 so looks like this must be my problem. With Rockwell PLC's the descriptors etc are stored in an offline file is this the same with C200HS?