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  1. Hello.   I'm trying to communicate between two PLC's  using FINS function block _CPU011:ReceiveData.   PLC1: IP (MASTER)   PLC2:IP (SLAVE)   If I don't use »IP Address Table« everything works using NODE number &51.       The problem is that on the real project these two PLC's will be on different subnet.   For example:   PLC1: IP   PLC2: IP   So I will have to use »IP Address Table« to achieve communication between these two PLC's.   I tried to sett IP Address Table on MASTER: Node 1=   But If I try to communicate I see that packet is sended to network but I've got error #1005.   Do I have to sett the SLAVE IP Address Table?   Hoe to do this?   What are the right settings for MASTER and SLAVE IP Address Table?     I'm attaching pictures of CARD settings.  I don't want to use CX-Integrator because I would like to make project to UPLOAD and forget.       Thanks.  

    Hello. Does anyone know if FINS SLAVE EMULATOR exists? (Like Modbus Slave). I need it to test communications through UDP network. Thanks. Best regards.
  3. FINS over Network

    I can't put them in the same subnet. It is large existing system with different locations wich are separated by 3th IP number (1,2,3,...).  
  4. FINS over Network

    I guess I have to write "IP Address table" in ETN settings. For example:  - Node 2 =  - Node 3 =  - Node 4 = And then use the NODE number as comunicating Address. Best regards.
  5. FINS over Network

    Hello. I'm trying to talk with different OMRON PLCs over network. You can do this using SEND(090)/RECV(098)/CMND(490). I can't find any FB using IP of destination PLC. From what I have read about FINS you only define: - Destination network number - Destination unit address - Destination node number The problem is, that I have the same node number in different IP ranges. For example: -          IP (PLC Node:10) - Master -          IP (PLC Node:50) - Slave -          IP (PLC Node:50) - Slave -          IP (PLC Node:50) - Slave How can I comunicate from master to slaves wich uses the same Node number 50? Where can I define IP Address of slave unit? I can see that Multiway is doing that without problems. Please help.
  6. Hello. Recently I created two projects which I later connected with INCLUDE property. Let's say we have Project_1 and Project_2. In Project_1 I include Project_2. Everything works except Trend Groups. The only trend group which is working is the one in Project_1. I know I can copy Trend Group definition to Project_1 but then these two projects are not independent anymore. Did someone come to some kind of solution? Thanks
  7. CX-Programer Copy/Paste Sections

    Sorry to hear that... Maybe OMRON will make update
  8. Hello. How can I copy / paste more than one section from one CX-Programer Project to another project opened in another CX-Programer? Thanks. 
  9. CX-Programer 9.54 - Instruction input problem

    I've got it.... Just change SMART INPUT MODE to CLASIC INPUT MODE..... Best regards.
  10. Hello. I recently updated CX-Programer. Now I'm having problem change instruction by clicing it. For example: In leadder I have allready instruction <=. In older version I just double click on instruction and change text to >=. Now I can't do it anymore (see picture).  I just CAN'T select just a part of instruction text. HOw can I disable this "NEW" feature of CX-Programer? Thanks.
  11. Hello. I'm trying to use index addressing inside function block.  The command *D200 doesn't work. Is it necessary to use IR0, ID0,... inside function block? Thanks. Best regards
  12. CJ1M+ETN21 Modbus TCP

    Hello. Thanks for answer. By multiple devices you mean maximum of 8 devices? This is the limit of available sockets. If you can send me an example it would be a great help. Thanks. Best regards.
  13. CJ1M+ETN21 Modbus TCP

    Hello. I'm trying to use Omron ETN21 as master for ModbusTCP protocol. I can communicate with 1 SLAVE UNIT (standard modbusTCP slave) using FB  from It works perfectly. But I have three SLAVE UNITS to communicate to. I'm trying to do this using [524] sample. I have copied SECTION1 to SECTION2 and changed IP number and SOCKET number. But this doesn't work. I would realy appriciate a working sample where OMRON PLC is MASTER for THREE (or more) SLAVES. I'm attaching code file... Thanks. Best regards, Andrej. Modbus_TCP_FB.cxp Modbus_TCP_FB.opt
  14. NS5-TQ11B-V2 and CJ1M ETN Internet/IP settings

    Yes. ETN does NOT support Ethernet/IP. You have to use FINS. You have to set node number via CX-Integrator. It is working now. Best regards.
  15. Hello. I'm strugeling to setup communication betwen NS5-TQ11B-V2 and CJ1M ETN via Internet/IP. I have configured PLC: IP: (Node Nr:1) I have configured HMI: IP: (Node Nr:2) But I can't get it to work. I See flashing leds on PLC (RD / SD) so the PLC must be answering. But on display I get Time-out error... What am I doing wrong?   Best regards.