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I'm trying to communicate between two PLC's  using FINS function block _CPU011:ReceiveData.






If I don't use »IP Address Table« everything works using NODE number &51.




The problem is that on the real project these two PLC's will be on different subnet.


For example:






So I will have to use »IP Address Table« to achieve communication between these two PLC's.


I tried to sett IP Address Table on MASTER: Node 1=


But If I try to communicate I see that packet is sended to network but I've got error #1005.


Do I have to sett the SLAVE IP Address Table?


Hoe to do this?


What are the right settings for MASTER and SLAVE IP Address Table?



I'm attaching pictures of CARD settings. 

I don't want to use CX-Integrator because I would like to make project to UPLOAD and forget.










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On 11/24/2017 at 5:08 AM, manowar said:



With the above settings, you would need to have the node number dials on the front of the CJ2M PLCs set to the following:  --  33 (hex for 51) --  01 -- 02

However, I would recommend that you use the last octet for the node number and you do not need to use the table.  Therefore, 50 would be 32 hex and 10 would be 0A hex.  However, you are correct in your statement that nodes that are not on the same subnet will need to be in the table.  So, lets assume that you have one more PLC that you are not showing.  Its IP address is

For simplicity sake, I would set the node number switches on the front to 28 (hex for 40) and then add node 40 in the IP Address table of the other PLCs.  


What you are missing in your test setup above is that the node number set on each PLC switch settings needs to match what you put in the table for that node.  

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