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  1. RSS Robot Poll?

    Yeah see it now actually I use firefox and it shows rss symbol in the address bar itself if rss is available for a site When I wrote the last post there was no rss symbol for this site but today its there :)
  2. RSS Robot Poll?

    Inspite of putting the news in between the current setup you can have a seperate news page (as the news.php link) and also provide RSS Feeds so that people who wish can directly subscribe to the news
  3. Problem in Links Section

    yups I use firefox also checked with Opera same result but it worked with Internet Explorer
  4. Hi, I tried to search in the links database of this site but it just gave me some html code at output May be admin here should check into the problem Regards
  5. Producing PDF files

    Openoffice uses javascript for creating macros. I guess vbscript is microsoft's stuff thats why openoffice team may not want to integrate it
  6. Producing PDF files

    I have been using both MS Office (installed by default on my office pc ;) ) and open office for almost an year I started using openoffice after I got fed up with MS Word found writer application of openoffice very handy and specially formatting the documents and publishing them in pdf formats directly. Created my whole training report using open office But Excel version of open office is not yet good to compete with MS Excel, this is one good application of microsoft which rocks :) So presently I use MS Excel for creating Engineering calculations/simulation documents infact I am aslo developing a software called EDAxl (Electronic design assistant in Excel) and use Open office writer for creating reports and stuff
  7. Volts to Amps?

    Are you looking for a readymade unit to convert volts to amps or are you planning to make the circuit/unit yourself?
  8. Producing PDF files

    For a long time I have been using Xelo PDF - http://xelo.jp/eng/products/xelopdf/index.html
  9. http://www.icesociety.org ICEsociety.org is the place for engineers to share information with other fellow engineers. This society is designed basically for the Instrumentation & Control Engineers but is also open to all other branches of engineering The features we offer to our registered member: Career - posts your jobs requirements or apply for jobs... Directory - database of engineering suppliers, manufacturers, colleges, universities... Downloads - various free ebooks, softwares... Links - database of usefull links related to engineering... Forum - to discuss with fellow members And many more.... And yes membership is absolutely free Enjoy surfing ICE Society... Webmaster, ICE Society