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  1. Hi  I would like to get acquainted with PLC and embedded webpages. Where do I start? Tutorials? (I know the basics of CX-programmer and step 7) Do I have to know HTML? or some other software? Which cheap PLC is suitable for some experimentation.   Thank you  
  2. C200H communication issue

    Hi We got 2 laptops Laptop1 communicates with a CJ1M and a C200H PLC. No problem. Laptop 2 communicates only with  the CJ1M, Not with the C200H, Same program, same conditions. I also tried with "Direct online" but no succes How can I get laptop 2 also to communicate with the C200H? Thanks
  3. siemens newbee connection problem

    Thank you But, Aaargh, No MPI adapter at hand. Can you tell me what the PPI adapter and the DB9 cable is used for?
  4. siemens newbee connection problem

    Thanks for the reply but: I connect with the PPI adapter. When I click "upload station to PG", I get a message: (when PG/PC interface is set as:   PC adapter.Auto.1)     The connection to the module could not be configured.   (when PG/PC interface is set as:   PC adapter.PPI.1)       With the set interface configuration, communication in Step 7 is not possible.    Then opens a window SELECT NODE ADRESS, in which I click on the View button: With the set interface configuration, communication in Step 7 is not possible so I click OK and then I get Online: communication link to the adapter damaged. (no LED goes on, on the adapter)   I tried some other PG/PC interface settings but no succes? Nor with the serial cable.
  5. siemens newbee connection problem

    Hi My Firm just purchased a Simatic Field PG but nobody here has some decent knowledge about it. It had only been used a few times to make a connection with an external programmer but wasn't present at that time.  I attended a step 7 course about 10 years ago so now I would like to fresh up my knowledge and use it to debug issues (I'm a maintenance technician).So I took the field PG and some used hardware at home and would like to play with it BUT I can't get no connection with the PLC. My hardware setup: Siemens Field PG with Step 7 V5.5 + SP4 available cables: - a siemens cable DB9 male to DB9 male                               - USB/PPI Multimaster Cable   9SE7  901 - 3DB30-0XA0          USB to DB9     (the 3 LED's light up on connecting the USB but that's it) PLC:   SITOP Power 5   6EP1333-1SL11            SIMATIC S7-300  CPU313      313-1AD01-0AB0            MMI card      MC951/16KB/5V flash    6ES7 951-0KD00-0AA0           DI32 x DC24V            6ES7-321-1BL00-0AA0           DO32 x DC24V/0.5A        6ES7-322-1BL00-0AA0           AI8 x 12bit       6ES7-331-7KF01-0AB0 The current PLC configuration and program doesn't match with this hardware configuration so the SF is on How do I get started (step by step details please)   Thank you  Happy Newyear    
  6. CPM2 CMP issue

    Thank you for the effort, Your remark are worth mentioning but I found the main reason: (took me a few extra hours) Words 250 and 251 are in the SR memory area which is used by the PLC itself. So lesson learned: when using memory, always check out the appropriate memory areas
  7. CPM2 CMP issue

    Hi For a machine, when a fault appears, I would like to output (12,07) a pulse with variable lenght (T30)according to the fault (word 250) So please take a look at the prg in attachment, section DISPLAY, -In rung 1 to 33 a value is stored in word 250 when a fault appears, -At the end of the section: timer 30: The timer changes value when another fault appears, but the timer keeps on re-running so the puls never ends, -At rung 34(313) I can't get marker 210,11 set, So the output KEEPs getting high Please help me. What am I missing? Or is there a better way to do this? Thank you   Labeler.cxp
  8. cqm1 timer problem

    actual situation  CQM1 : Move value 80 to word use timer with word:           timer counts from 80 Change value 10 to word next--use timer with word:       timer still counts from 80  one time before it uses value 10 In the timer instruction i see the value is set to 10 but it still counts down from 80 (one time) The timeruses the new value only when it has been set
  9. cqm1 timer problem

    At the moment of writing into words the timer is'nt started yet. MOV #10 TIM2  doesn't work    destination can't be timer counter   I have 32 conditions. on the appearance of each condition i need one output pulse of a different lenght   I could use 32 timers  
  10. cqm1 timer problem

    Thanks, but i want it to work from the first time
  11. cqm1 timer problem

    Hi I put value #80 in word 60 I run timer 2 with word 60 I replace word 60 withe the value #10 I run timer 2 again with word 60                       but you see the timer counting down from 80 instead of 10 So the timer runs first the previous value of word 60 before he runs with the new value although you see the new value of word 60 appearing in the timer. How can I let the timer run immedeatly with the new value.   Thank you
  12. Printing a front page

    Hi Is it possible to print some kind of a front page of a cx project? With, in large, the projects name and some additional data. Thank you
  13. Communication with cqm1a with cx-programmer Ver. 5.0

    FWIW Today I try to reconnect my laptop to my CQM1 trough a USA-19HS converter and had some problems. Because something? went wrong in the beginning, CX prog. freezed everytime a tried to make connection. Solution: in task manager, I saw my cpu was busy 100% all of the time. In task manager> processes were 2 CX***??? processes still higly active even when cx-prog was shut down. So I stopped these 2 and got easily connected. I also had to set the converter to COM1 in device manager.
  14. new to rs232 , info from zero needed

    Hi I never worked with rs232. I would like to control a simple (running)LED display with the serial port on my CQM1 cpu21. But this port is also used for programming. Please help me getting started Thanks
  15. simple program problem in cqm1

    It took me a while to find out what you meant but now I do feel a bit silly A high EQ flag will not be reset if the following CMP instruction isn't executed. Thank you remark: Differential monitoring doesn't seem to monitor bits that change during scan but only bits that change after IOrefresh?