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  1. GX Developer

    To help clarify:  If you need the software to communicate and program your device, you will need to contact your local distributor of Mitsubishi automation equipment.  For Washington state, it is: BUCHANAN AUTOMATION, INC. 1920 Bickford Avenue Snohomish, Washington 98291 800-426-8313 For more info from Mitsubishi, you can check out their website:  https://us.mitsubishielectric.com/fa/en    
  2. 1769-BAT + 1769-L32E

    I will second IndeckTech's statement.  We had problems with the processors losing their programs w/o notice even with good batteries.  It was firmware related.  If I recall correctly, there was even a KB article on A-B's website about it. It was some time ago that I had the problem.  The firmware levels involved were 15 and 16 and the KB article numbers are 45709 & 38430.  There was another issue relating to the type of memory that was used on the device, but I think that problem was with communication cards, and not the processors. Kaiser_will is also correct when he states that a good PM system must be in place to replace old batteries.  In the case of the problems we had, the batteries were only a couple of weeks old when we were losing programs.  This is what led me to find another cause.  Please let us know your resolution.  Cheers.
  3. Splitting a Signal from 1 source to 2 with shield

    A quick Google search resulted in a device from API.  Their website is www.api-usa.com. The device I saw is APD 5393.  I would opt for a signal splitter, like this device rather than actually breaking the load cell signal with a mechanical device.  The nice thing about signal splitters is that they provide complete isolation and each channel can typically be calibrated individually without affecting the other.
  4. Disable BOOTP on built in ethernet port

    I used to have a ton of trouble with BOOTP-DHCP server program.  It would always take the IP, but disabling BOOTP would often fail.  Now I rarely have a problem.  The only difference is that once I set my IP address, I wait for the IP address to show up next to the MAC address in the 'Request History' window (the top one).  Then I select it from that list and click the disable button.  Maybe that is what I was supposed to do from the start, but I was not taught that.  By trial, I was able to learn the above pattern.  It has been working well since I figured that out.
  5. Ethernet connection not working

    Is your physical connection between the PC and PLC a crossover cable? Or are you using a switch or hub between the devices?
  6. I am working on creating an archive file of the original documented program for a piece of purchased equipment. The original program for this FX-series plc was written in Medoc (the IEC version). With the help of The Gambit, I was able to convert the project from Medoc to GX IEC Developer, and then finally to GX Works. The problem I am having is when I compile the program in GX Works. I had a couple of labels that were reserved words and I changed them. The (hopefully) final problem I have is that I am getting Error Code C2019 which states "A ladder block label has not been defined.(Ladder Block No.16)". When I navigate to this label, I see it is called "Loop:". I do not know how to define this label to make the software happy. I tried to rename it (thinking "Loop" is a reserved word), but that did not help. I was a Mitsubishi user a long time ago, but Medoc and the dedicated programming units were the only reliable programming devices at that time. I have searched this forum and the user manuals, but have not found info. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your consideration.
  7. GX Works2 "A ladder block label has not been defined."

    Gambit: Do you have a copy of Melsec Medoc Plus? Is that what you said the original file was developed in?
  8. GX Works2 "A ladder block label has not been defined."

    Thanks, Gambit. It seems everything I correct causes more issues when I rebuild. I was able to get the password from the machine builder and I uploaded into GXWorks2. However, when I verify what has been uploaded to the PLC memory, it fails. I need to view what was uploaded and compare it to the converted file. They do not look the same.
  9. GX Works2 "A ladder block label has not been defined."

    No, not yet. I have been on another project recently. I am going to try to get online with the machine when it becomes available. The com port is used for an HMI so I cannot try this while the machine is running. Once I get the code from the plc, I will try to merge the comments and documentation with it.
  10. Flash a CompactLogix with Protection

    Good info. Thanks for posting the solution.
  11. FX Project Conversion

    Gambit: I will send it to you, but I cannot today unless things clear up for me. I just wanted to you to know I am not ignoring your request.
  12. FX Project Conversion

    I have a machine with a FX family controller that was provided by an OEM. The machine was built in 1999. I was able to get a copy of the PLC source code from the vendor, but I believe it may have been programmed using the IEC software that was tried many years ago. The manufacturer has since moved on to a different design as well as a different controls vendor, so their memory is a little unclear. The file names I have are as follows: CUSTOM.SYS EDM.EDM LRUBOXES.SYS SOFTCTRL.PRO I have copies of Medoc, GX Works 2 and GX Developer, but none of these will open the project. Is there someone out there who could open this project and do a file conversion for me? I will try to pull the program using GXWorks and GX Developer, but I am not sure if the software I have will read ALL of the PLC memory and get me enough info to provide an emergency backup. In the past, I used to help customers who tried uploading a file using Medoc when the machine was programmed with one of the dedicated GPP units. The GPP unit had access to all parameters, but Medoc did not. When the program was downloaded with Medoc, functions such as MELSECNET/MINI would no longer work and I would have to develop the TO/FROM logic to get the network functioning. I don't want to have the same issue here. It has been many, many years since I used Mitsubishi on a daily basis. I can either post the files, or you can PM me and I can send them directly. Thanks in advance for reading this. Derek
  13. FX Project Conversion

    I am still fighting with this. I was able to do the conversion from the Melsec Medoc Plus project to a GX IEC Developer project, and then open it in GXWorks 2. The problem is when I try a Rebuild All, there are key words used that GX Works does not like (Pointer, Out). I was able to change those tags, but now it is stuck with an undefined ladder label. I have not been able to get past that issue. The Gambit did not have that issue when I sent him the file. I had GXW2 v1.91 originally; I upgraded to 1.536 and still have the issue. The next thing I tried was an upload directly from the controller, but now I find it is password protected. I waited to do this step last because I wanted a documented copy of the program. I am awaiting word back from the original manufacturer to see what the password is. With the age of the machine and the fact that the OEM had a partnership with a third party on the controls, I am not expecting a quick response. The OEM has been helpful, but I just don't think they have the personnel any more that are familiar with this machine.
  14. FX Project Conversion

    Gambit: Thanks for the response. I had not tried that function. I tried it just now and it looked as though it was working, but after a few seconds, I got an error message. It said "This project version is not supported by this function. Cannot open project." I am running GX Works2 Version 1.91V. The vendor cannot even tell me what software the plc was programmed with.
  15. Micrologix 1500 Input/Output Connection

    The +24vdc and Com terminals are used to power your inputs. There is an internal DC power supply in the PLC.
  16. Add New Module Online

    That is the generic message to make you stop and think before adding a new module. Yes, adding any new module online COULD affect the running system, but the risk is lower when adding a communication module. If it is a new ENBT card, your risk is really low. The main risk when adding used or previously-configured modules is when there could be a duplicate IP address. You can avoid this risk by NOT connecting the comm cable to the new card until AFTER you have verified it is properly configured.
  17. Play Music with PLC? or what else?

    By songs, do you mean a recorded tone pattern to annunciate the start or end of shift or break times? Or audio files that contain a full song? If you are looking to annunciate the start/end of shifts and break times, check out the Werma line. They are a German company who makes stack lights, horns, light modules and other annunciation devices. I remember seeing in the past where they have a recorded tone module. You record the sound you want to play when an input goes active. I believe you could record multiple tones. Start your search at www.werma.de. If you search for the word "vocal" or for 844 or 645, I think you will find an option for you. These are light stack modules that play multiple audio files based on an input. You record or store the sounds to the module.
  18. F700 series vfd won't speed up.

    Please describe how the drive is commanded to start. Is it from a plc, pushbutton, network connection? If it is controlled by a plc or other controller, is the drive being commanded to stop? Sometimes we monitor the current feedback from the drive and will command the drive to stop if current is above a programmed set point for a certain amount of time.
  19. 2 pole disconnect for 120VAC 1 phase panel?

    I also use a three-pole rotary disconnect. They are fairly inexpensive if you get a non-fused type.
  20. Specific cam instruction - Kinetix6000

    I would try using the motor's actual position. There could be timing differences between the motion planner and the real-world position. If you use the motor actual position and your compare statements, then you should see much better results.
  21. B&R Automation Opinions Needed

    I have seen the B&R stuff in use mostly on molding machines. We have two major brands of injection molders in our company and both use the B&R platform. We are not able to view code, so I cannot speak about the programming environment, but the hardware has seemed pretty solid. I also liked the statement "IMO you can't really design good software in ladder anyway". It made me chuckle.
  22. Position Verification Methods?

    I remember seeing a device just as you describe. It was a "packaged solution" for verifying that screws or nuts were tightened in the correct sequence. It was recipe driven so doing multiple parts was not an issue. Like I said, it was several years ago, and I cannot remember the name of the manufacturer. I did, however find a similar unit. I have no experience with this one, so I am not endorsing it. I am just sending you to their site for a reference in case a purchased device would be feasible. the website is www[dot]mountztorque[dot]com. I am not sure if you are quoting a machine for a customer or if it is for your own use, but a purchased solution may save you time, development costs and ultimately keep you more profitable. Let us know how you do.
  23. Control Flash - Nothing to select?

    I totally agree with ASForrest. I have had other manufacturers' devices lose connection when flashing firmware. It is not worth the hassle. I always connect direct.