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  1. There has been several question asking how to do this or people just having issues doing it. I have search and did not find very many exact answers, so I wrote this, in hopes that it may help. RSlinx Lite and RSLogix 500 starter FREE If you are looking for the FREE version of Allen Bradley RSLogix 500 and the free version of RSLinx lite then use this, this was wrote by me so there may be an error or two but it should help you get what you are after Go to HERE Now click on software up dates and agree to the terms You must register if you don't have an account, then enter your login name and password Click on the hyperlink "Select by Catalog Number" for RSLogix 500 starter (this is for 10 point AB PLC's only) use part number 9324RL0050ENE… for RSLinx 'Lite' use this part number 9355WAB100ENE Enter the part number and click apply, click on the file below your user name and click qualify for update and choose "Download all files" You will have to do this once for each file, Linx and Logix Note: RSLinx lite will work with more then just RSLogix starter After you download the file then unzip the file and install the software, when you are asked for a serial number, use 0123456789 RSLogix 500 is a normal size and can be downloaded at any time, but RSLinx is a very large file and you may want to down load this late at night, you will need the entire file. Now… RSLogix 500 Starter, will only work with one type of PLC, that is the 10 point Allen Bradley PLC, this model number is 1761-L10BWB and 1761-L10BXB I have verified it on BXB but not on the BWB and I also think it will work on the 1761-L10BWA, the BXB has transistor outputs the BWB has relay outputs, you can get more information at HERE Also this software will not work with all 10pts, I know that some of the older PLCs (firmware) it will not, so this needs to be a new or newer PLC, if I ever find out the exact ones that is will or will not work with I will post them. Hope this helps.... and to all my friends, if you need to correct this in anyway, please do so
  2. Mitsubishi GX Developer 'analog addressing'

    Hello everyone, Looking for a little help, I have a simple project but I have not done very much analog with Mitsubishi...Its a Q06HCPU and trying to move (MOV) my analog input to my analog output, no scaling or anything needed (slot 1) 64AD input 1 and input 2 to my analog output (slot 2) 62DA and can not figure out the addressing... [MOV xxx xxx] would it be just this simple ?2 inputs wired to 64AD and 2 outputs wired to 62DA, I would like to move the word or doubleword from one to another, below is the setup I have{PS} {Q06H} {QX48Y57} {64AD} {62DA} {Ethernet} {CC LINK}Thank you for your time  Mark  EDIT: I think I found the answer after searching more I will update later if it works.... 
  3. Q00JCPU Rack

    Bummer... it would not be the first time :) Thanks!
  4. Q00JCPU Rack

    Hello, I bought a used Q00JCPU, I was going to use this as a test PLC... I am going to start making a USB-QC30R2 (Q series USB to RS232), the problem the CPU did not come with a back plane (rack) I have a few but none fit, the Q00 has the power supply built onto the CPU, my others have the power supply and CPU are not connected, so the power and com buss do not match up on the other racks Is there a special rack for the Q00J ? anyone have a part number? Thanks for your time Mark
  5. Stuff for sale

    Hello, Please send pictures.... I will buy any automation parts (if the prices is right) :) Thanks Mark
  6. comm cable

    We have them.... in the USB version also
  7. AB 1747-UIC coverter

    Hi Mickey, I don't have it listed on the website yet... just ebay Its a cheaper version of the UIC... I am working with the manufacture and trying to get a better 'do everything' version, I hate having so many different cables in the laptop case so if I could get this one to work the way I need it to... Then I thought of making short adapters 4", they would be for every other PLC out there... but its just a thought This cable works great as a USB version of the 1747-PIC, but has some issues with the 232 side, like I said this is rev 1, people seamed to be happy, there is another on eBay that is cheaper.... but it does not work with RSLinx... kind of pointless if you ask me Thank you! Mark
  8. AB 1747-UIC coverter

    If you are still selling it send me an email.... To the OP... I am now selling aftermarket (non-AB) 1747-UIC's also send me an email if you are interested, not all the features are the same as the orginal UIC's but if you need to communicate to a SLC (DH-485) with a PC that only has a USB port they work very well and they are not high priced... they also work with XP service pack 2 and 3 Mark
  9. Allen Bradley RSLogix 'starter' and RSLinx 'lite'- FREE

    Click here Agree and continue or stop... then click RSLogix 500, there are many versions and I do know that some of the 'starters' were not free, odds are that your distributor has no idea about the new software... so you should show them, then tell them that it will help their sales :)
  10. Micrologix 1000 Training System

    Hi John, 1) No, that is a great PLC to start with you can start by using the digital I/O then expand to the analog later as you have time and money, you can also simulate the inputs and just use the led's on the PLC for the outputs 2) good question... the old version of (RSLogix starter) did not work with the E series, I have tested the software with an A series, I would think that if it works with the A then it would work with any... if there is a B, C etc If you are going to build a PLC trainer.. search Ron Beauforts 'Hot Rod' that is a very nice trainer Good luck and welcome to the forum Mark
  11. Allen Bradley RSLogix 'starter' and RSLinx 'lite'- FREE

    Hi Rick, Yes the Vista issues was with auto configuration, when I would push the auto button, it would first check CRC? then BCC.... once it switch to BCC (still at 19200) I would get a pop up screen, the screen said that RSLinx driver stop and will close... did not give any options other then click OK, once you click OK it would just close all of RSLinx. Last week I had loaded the newest RSLinx, I thought that may have been the issue, so I downloaded the full version of RS Micro (with Linx) and I reinstalled it over and removed the older (last week) version... but it also did the same thing. I was able to manually set up the DF1 driver... it would work for about 10 min. then stop, no reason I was just on line and monitoring, then just got bumped off I was able to rehook up only after I stop Linx and restarted it, I will try some more this weekend and try and figure out what it was... this is the only PC that I have wirh Vista. I was using a USB adapter, I will try another brand also over the weekend, this PC only has USB. XP ran perfect, like always (side note) I have a customer that has the new Windows and loves it, he got the beta version and is very happy with it, he also is running GX dev (for Mitsubishi PLC's) I hope I can just jump to Win7 and by-pass Vista :) Thanks for you help Mark PS welcome to the forum
  12. Allen Bradley RSLogix 'starter' and RSLinx 'lite'- FREE

    VERY!! nice job Rockwell.... I have downloaded the new RSLogix Micro and went on line with... MicroLogix 1000's 1761-L20 (analog) 1761-L16 1761-L32 1761-L10 MicroLogix 1100's 1763-L16 (I did not try the Ethernet port) I have also loaded it to our Vista machine and it also worked... I did have a few issues with RSLinks (lite), lost communications a few times and it would not auto configure. Thanks RSLogixGuy, this should help a lot of people
  13. Allen Bradley RSLogix 'starter' and RSLinx 'lite'- FREE

    Thank you VERY much
  14. Allen Bradley RSLogix 'starter' and RSLinx 'lite'- FREE

    Hello RSLogixGuy I have never heard of "RSLogix Micro Lite" are you talking about RSLogix or RSLinks?? I have looked at and can not find what you are talking about... I have also downloaded the newest version of RSLogix (starter) and it does not support the 1100's and still only support the L10's (1000's) Please clarify you statement because it can be misleading to some people, I hope I am wrong... this would really help my sales :), maybe you can take a couple of screen shots of what you are talking about Do you have a catalog number? Regards Mark PS for others, Vista is still not supported, RSLinks works fine, but RSLogixs (starter-free) still has issues
  15. CLX World of Arrays

    Not sure what you are doing with the data... but would it be better to use a OPC and log them to an Excel sheet? then you can keep that data off of the PLC I did something similar in a SLC and AD... (keeping the data in the PLC) but it was smaller... I used a timer to run the data, my sample was needed every 2mins, so I ran a timer every 2 min, then use this timer (the ACC) to run my logic, it worked good as I set up a CDM and was able to see the data logged into the array and move down the array... I had math involved so I was able to debug it much easier Just a thought...
  16. SLC 100

    Did you get it? I looked at it and it is a different version then the one I have... mine does not have to be installed, it has an exe. that I just run and the program takes off. If you did not get it, send me an email and you can try the one I have...
  17. unable to see nomenclature while online with 5/05

    I had this also happen before but I think it may have something to do with if the CPU image and the program file are not the same?? I also lost the Lad comments...
  18. SLC 100

    RS232/RS422 adapter I know that I showed this to you but you need to read it this time :) It has the link for the software, manual and a dosbox that will run under just about any OS and run your software on your PC... If you need a cable then see here But you will need a real serial port as Alaric has stated
  19. Redipanel to control slc 100

    Hey Shrek, Take a look at this , ... but as my friends have already told you the 100's and the 150's are old news (at best), the cables that I do sell for them are to people just wanting to upload the CPU so they can convert the program to a newer PLC Good luck :) PS. nice to see someone taking the bull by the horns at your age.... keep it up as you will go far, if you need help with the eBay and 18 thing let me know... I got people ;) Mark
  20. self-employment update ...

    Here is the one that I use You can spend days looking at worthless data The key is spend money... SEO and all the other ways to market your site are great but you have to have time (no one here has that anymore) so you need to pay for it... find a balance, the more you spend the more traffic you will get, then you have to figure out how to get the traffic you need and want, not the trash that you are just throwing money at. I spend a few hundred a month on advertising, I get very little business from the places I hang out (here and plctalk) the majority of my customers come from google or another search engine.... and also feeBay The only thing that I look at (anymore) are how people are finding my site... then I know what to give my advertising money to (or not) Someday I will slow down the advertising funds, but not in the near future, a few months ago I put my advertisers on hold... then my traffic slowed and sales dropped, so back up it went... For you word of mouth is your best advertiser, if I tell someone that you are the best teacher (and the believe me) then they will do there best to go to your school.... and it did not cost you a dime Great job on the anniversary...
  21. New Laptop

    You should ask Chris... But I think that it would good, I know the PCMCIA work well. You can always go wireless :) then you don't have to worry about it at all...
  22. web site

    Hi David, You should be ok with hosting it yourself as long as you are not selling anything... if you do start to sell then you may want some one else to host it for security reasons, there are a lot of board hackers out there that would love to screw with peoples sites, not a big deal unless there's money involved
  23. What do you think of Lenze?

    I like them... we don't have a lot, but the stuff we do have is trouble free
  24. RS485 to RS232 to USB

    If the only thing I hooked my laptop up to was a PLC then I would agree... but there are so many other things besides PLC's that have to be programmed or viewed... having one cable for a 503 or 504 is out of the question. I know the Belkins are less expensive, this was the reasoning that I asked you how they did, I am not married to the Keyspan... so if my customers would prefer the Belkin then I would offer that model as well. I feel that in our industry we need to stay on top of things or you will be passed by others, flexibility is one thing that you have to be able to do, so reading this and other forums helps me stay focused in the direction that I need to go. The majority of my customers don't buy the Keyspan for programming PLC's if they need a USB cable for a PLC then they buy a USB cable for that PLC.
  25. PLC Program Mode

    Not sure what a GDU is... but I have done something similar on a SCADA before... you just need the bit/tag to be high (true), when you are in RUN a 'dummy' bit/tag will be true, when you are in program all outputs are false so have that (the output) set the bit... Unless we are not talking about the same thing. Hope this helps Mark