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  1. Maple Systems has options with their HMIs
  2. That was my assumption. I was asked if a 1766-L32AWA with 1 1769-IF8 and 1 1769-OF8C could run 3 PID loops. The person asking was under the impression that you could only use 1 PID instruction in a processor. Thanks
  3. I have done some searching with no success. Is there a max number of PID instructions that a MicroLogix 1400 can use?
  4. For the most part it is working, still needs a little polishing for the user. I have been reassigned to other "priorities" so I haven't played with it much as of late. My coworker continued on from where I was and as soon as the new transmitter shows up we will be digging into it again.
  5. Well good afternoon! Well for those of us working graveyard 0830 is afternoon! Just the other day I received my new Maple Systems HMC7070A-M HMC and MAPware-7000 programming software. To say I am excited to take it for a spin is an understatement. I have been on graveyard since last May as a fill in production supervisor and I might have opened my programming notebook...twice. The project is fairly simple. Read a 4-20mA input, run it through a PID function, and then spit out a 4-20mA output. Also to use the HMI part of the unit to allow for operators to adjust set points and have neat little bar graphs. I have to say that having been "out of the game" for almost a year has made what seems a simple task a bit challenging, but the rust is slowly coming off. I was curious if anyone has used these HMCs or similar and what they thought of the whole deal.
  6. W coil not working

    Thanks for the ideas. I still have absolutely no idea what was going on and I haven't been able to recreate "my problem". I think that it might have been something like what bluebyu suggested. So forward we go. I have just spent the last month converting a TCP touchscreen to an Omron NS10 connected to a C200H. Starting to flow a little better through the Omron stuff now, even kind of like it. Thanks, Rob
  7. So, I have a MicroView key pad. CAT# 2707-MVP232, SER A REV A that my boss purchased off of Ebay a couple of years ago as an emergency spare to our brand new in box spare. Earlier this week we wanted to use the Ebay unit for a test with a MicroLogix 1000. Boss built the MicroView program and was trying to download it and ran into some problems. When programming a MicroView you have to tell it that it is in programming mode before you download a program in to it. Problem is when you press the mode button to access the area in the MicroView to tell it to go to program mode it asks you for a password. Is there a way to clear the MicroView or get to the programming mode with out the requested password?
  8. Invalid DM address?

    Yes it would. I am a still learning how to speak Omron, but I hope to figure it out as I think it will show up again in my adventures.
  9. Invalid DM address?

    I think I figured it out. I am slightly less dense than the desk I am sitting at. I am using my spare processor in my office. It has a current running copy of the plc program in it but is missing some remote racks and cards. When I plug the screen into the rack that is on the machine it works fine and displays the correct information. Thanks for the ideas and the help.
  10. Invalid DM address?

    It is a C200HS-CPU21-E PLC and I am using Hostlink. NS is connected to a LNK201 module on the PLC rack. The PLC is in service and working correctly. I am replacing an old TCP touch screen with a NS10-TV00B-V2. According to my fancy manual, DM areas 0000-0999 and 2000-5999 are normal DM areas.
  11. Invalid DM address?

    CX-Designer automatically adds the leading zeros for me.
  12. Invalid DM address?

    It is a C200HS CPU21 Thanks
  13. Invalid DM address?

    Probably another silly question but I haven't found an answer in my books yet. I am using a NS10 screen and a C200H PLC. I am having trouble with a numeral display and input. I want to write to the PLC DM02128. Everything verifies and downloads fine. After downloading and restarting the terminal, and I go to the screen that has the numeral display and input, the terminal gives me a pop up that says there is an addressing error. If I change the address to DM00000, download again it works fine. What is the reason 02128 will not work? Is there a max address that the NS will recognize? I have copied other numeral display and inputs that are working correctly and changed only the address with no luck. Still makes that loud error beep . Thanks, Rob
  14. Write Screen Number To DM Area Of PLC

    Thanks for the help! Appears to be doing what I want now. Rob
  15. Write Screen Number To DM Area Of PLC

    Thanks for the responses. So if I put the correct DM address into $SW Allocation, then it will write (or PLC will read) the current screen number correct? Thanks, Rob