Control Melsec-FX-5U over internet in realtime

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Hi All,

I'm new to using PLC, and my background is majorly programming.

I am learning how to control a PLC over the internet using HTTP or TCP/IP.

I have a Mitsubishi PLC Melsec FX-5U 32MR and my requirement is, I want to send create a setup where the PLC works more like a Client on the network and reads values from the server (which is a computer). The outputs on the PLC are controlled by the values on the database in server. 

So, lets assume I have a value like this on the server "1,0,0,1,0,1", it should translate like below:

  1. Y0 = 1
  2. Y1 = 0
  3. Y2 = 0
  4. Y3 = 1
  5. Y4 = 0
  6. Y5 = 1

Is there any guidance where I can read through and learn how to do this. I would prefer doing it by ST programming and not Ladder.

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There's nothing you can do in ST you cannot also do in ladder.  Both have the same capabilities.

That being said, I am not familiar with a way to talk to FX5 over HTTP.  Sounds like what you really want is Ethernet based I/O you can control from a PC, not a PLC.

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