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  1. Panelview Panel + 7 900W Unable to connect

    @ all Thank you so much for helping me on this issue. Eventually I found it was a basic problem I have neglected. My controller is V32, and the HMI is V10. So they don't match. upgrading the HMI to V11 solves this issue. However, when I use ME Transfer Utility to download the mer to the HMI, it shows an error. Please see the attachments. Any insights to this issue? Thanks. Lei
  2. Panelview Panel + 7 900W Unable to connect

    Yes, I did copy the Design to the Runtime. I tried the three spots up approach and it does the same thing. At the end of the mer creation, it shows up a error message in the txt file attached. When I download the mer to the HMI, it shows an error that is is in the photo below. Any ideas? Thanks. Lei 5103_05_MasoniteValidationResults.txt
  3. Dear Professionals, I set up a communication link to my PLC in the FactoryTalk View ME and then create a mer file. When it finishes, it shows up a pop that says an unsupported device detected. Please see the attached photos. Can you please give me a hand on this if you know the solutions of resolving it? Thank you very much. Lei 
  4. Unable to delete a screen

    Thanks, Joe.
  5. Unable to delete a screen

    Thanks, @pturmel.
  6. Unable to delete a screen

    Hello AB professionals, I am using FactoryTalk View Studio v11. I am basing on an old project to build my application. I restored the project from a .mer file. I deleted or renamed some old screens, saved and closed the project. But when I open the project next time the screens I deleted still show up. When I click on it it will show an error message "Component does not exist".  In the FactoryTalk ME application, I right click a screen name on the left tree under the Graphics, and then click "Delete" or "Remove", the display would disappear at that time. But it persists on coming back next time I open the project. If you know the solution to resolve please reply. It is much appreciated.   Thank you. Lei