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  1. Sysmac studio network configurator

    If you don't have Sysmac Studio you can download a trial version from here :
  2. One simple rung - help

    Hi , A simple advice : in your future activity first of all read careful the user's manuals. You'll find a lot of useful things. Your project may look like this : ( NC/I0 )---------( NC/I1 )--------(M0) (NO/M0)---------------------------------(T0) (NO/T0)----------------------------(Q0) Where I0 = Tank level probe I1 = Motor protection M0 = Intermediate relay T0 =Delay timer ( on delay/15 sec. ) Q0 = Output / Start - Stop motor NC = normaly closed contact NO = normaly open contact Best regards
  3. Communication of 3g3Jx with SCB41 with Protocol Macro

    If you have the 3g3jx user's manual read Appendix #2 - Communication function . If you don't have 3g3jx user's manual and SCB41 communications modes read the two pdf files I've attached . catalog omron 3g3jx.pdf CQM1H-SCB41.pdf
  4. c200hs not talking anymore!

    Hi, I'm not a specialist in PLC programming but I'll be glad if I could help you. The ALM/ERR indicator on the front side of plc is light on ? If not,you have to connect a Programming Console to PLC and follow the instructions given in the Operation Manual,section 10-Troubleshooting.
  5. Thanks Viscraft , I've read it and ...
  6. I know this . I don't know the initialisation routines sequences.
  7. Could someone to tell me how to convert a 0 to 10V analog signal input into two digital outputs used for changing the revolution sense of a 3 phase AC motor ( by means of 2 interlocked contactors)? I have a CPM1A-30CDR-A unit a MAD01 analog I/O unit and a current to voltage transducer (0-100A to 0-10V). Many thanks in advance
  8. Cpm1a Switching 24vdc, 1.5amp Solenoids

    Don't you think is better to use a DC SSR? I used in many applications and it works very well. Regards, GreyWolf
  9. CQM1H PLC

    Hi Paw, No problem , you're wellcome anytime ! Regards
  10. CQM1H PLC

    Hi , Paw Right now I have in my hands the "Fuji general-purpose inverter FVR-E9S-EN Series" instruction manual but I have no possibility to send it to you,so I've tried to find it out on Internet . NO CHANCE ! HOW COULD THIS BE POSSIBLE? I found something for you and I hope to be useful .It is an instruction manual for FVR-E11S Series. Regards MEH404a.pdf
  11. CQM1H PLC

    Ok,Paw! I'll try to find out something about it.
  12. CQM1H PLC

    Read careful this D11CQM1H.1.0304.pdf
  13. CQM1H PLC

    Hello Paw, Can you post here the model of your Fuji inverter? You can see the model on the label attached on it. Regards