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  1. Hi all, currently I'm using NX1P2 PLC for my project. So I'm just using it to transfer data from PLC to my PC but I faced 1 major problem right now which is the connection. I have few experience working on PLC but this time I faced an issue which I don't know how to solve it. So the problem here is, my NX1P2 can't connect stable to my my PLC, initially I thought it was the cable problem, after I changed several cable it's still the same, so I thought it was my ethernet port problem but I can connect it to the internet and also Delta PLC, at last I thought it was PLC problem so I connected it to my colleague PC, they got a stable connection and able to program it. My ethernet keep on displaying "Enabled > Identifying > Unplugged", I check my Ethernet port, it using Intel(R) Ethernet Connection (6) I219-V. Tried to solve it for few days already, anyone faced this problem before? 
  2. Good day everyone, I recently got NB HMI and program it together with my NX1P2 PLC. I got 2 questions I would like to ask. What I'm trying to achieve is to lock all the button after I start my system or during the pop up screen for confirmation. I tried different methods and it doesn't work. Currently I'm using a direct window Pop-Up screen to cover all the button behind it, but I noticed if I drag the pop up screen, it'll move together. So I wonder, is there any correct methods of doing it? Also, the function key for change screen, I use it for Pop up screen but why it only spawn on the top left of the screen instead of the center? Thanks in advance guys!
  3. Delta PLC Analog Wiring

    Good day all, I recently working an assignment to read analog data from sensors. I connected everything just as what the manual for sensor stated. My PLC is DVP20SX2 and the sensor data i want is 4-20mA. The analog sensor has two wires, Analog Output + and Analog Output GND. I connected the + to I0+ and the GND to the VI0-, but when I work online using the ISPSoft, I can't get any data. My doubt is the wiring. Can anyone guide me on this? Is my wiring wrong? does analog works the same as digital, where we have to connect to same COM?
  4. Siemens PLC get data from OPCUA server.

    So right now, there is an existing Omron PLC in the machine which I can't touch or modify anything from it and I had to add a new feature for the machine itself. I learn that the PLC is in an isolated network connected to a router together with 2 more PLCs. There is one PLC (CJ2M-CPU34) connected to the network expansion card and it send the data to the SCADA pc and the data will go into the OPCUA server. So I was wondering, can I just obtain the data from the server directly and fed it into my new PLC? My plan here is to assign my new Siemens PLC as client to get the data and process it at my PLC to produce output values. The Siemens PLC is totally isolated from the machine, it will be a standalone PLC that obtain the data from the server. Is it possible? Is this detail? or am I missing something?
  5. Siemens PLC get data from OPCUA server.

    But what I saw is that S71500 can only be server. It can be client too? I want the PLC to take data from the server and process it to control some output. Also if I'm using OPCUA with siemens, I need to purchase the license right?
  6. Good day all, I'm going to get a new Siemens PLC (model haven't decide) for a project using OPCUA server. I'm curious to know whether I made the right choice or not? Cause I planning to use that PLC to process some data that it got from OPCUA server. Can I know whether I can directly use Ethernet connection to take the data from server directly and fed it into my Siemens PLC? (I probably won't use the DI of the PLC for input data)
  7. Can a PLC read another PLC data through router

    So the current Omron PLC is using CJ2M-CPU34, there are 2 of the same PLC but the both PLCs are connected to several servo motors (using EtherCat, the rest using Ethernet IP) and both the Ethernet Port of the PLCs are connected to a isolated router network. Only the data that is needed will be sent into the cloud server through the expansion network card of the 2nd CJ2M-CPU34 PLC. The Person in Charge doesn't let me touch/modify the PLC to add a monitoring counter system.  My plan here is to get a new PLC with Ethernet port to take the data from either 1 of the PLC through the isolated router network, I wonder is that possible? Can I just connect my RJ from my new PLC to the router to get the data from the CJ2M PLC? or can I try getting a new PLC that able to use OPCUA to act as the client and take the data from the server where the Omron PLC send it data to? The info this time is detailed? or I'm still lacking something. cause I'm not sure what I'm lacking yet, I will try and get those info if needed.
  8. Can a PLC read another PLC data through router

    Sorry, this was my first time using this forum.
  9. Good day everyone, before I start asking my question, just want to let you all know that my knowledge with PLC is not that good. I'm still learning on how to do it. So currently I'm working on a project that trying to obtain data from Omron PLC. I was told that I can't touch the Omron PLC program or modify it. That Omron PLC is connected in an isolated network within a router. Other than adding Network Card on the device, can I use another PLC (any brands) to get the data from that Omron PLC through the router? The communication protocol using here is Ethernet. Can i just tapped into the network and take the data with that way? Or the other method I'm thinking is that, the Omron PLC will feed the data to a server, can I just obtain that data from server by using OPCUA? I heard there's some PLC that have the OPCUA function, I just make my PLC into the cilent and request the data of that Omron PLC from server through Ethernet. Is this possible? Please let me know whether my method works or not, thanks in advance guys!