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  1. Problem with PID - CONTROL (190) function

    Thanks. Are there same other instructions that don't work in the simulator?
  2. Problem with PID - CONTROL (190) function

    I 've just read about this instruction in CS1/CJ1 Reference Manual and there are some differences between CS1G and C200HE: Anyway i've changed parameters according to example in CS1/CSJ1 Reference Manual and it still doesn't work. Is it possible that is a problem whith cx-simulator? I tried it on a real C200HE and everything was OK.
  3. Hello. I've got a problem with expansion instruction PID(190). This is the program: LD 0.00 PID(190) 10 D200 20 END(001) and result is: 10 200 Decimal D200 300 Decimal D201 0100 Hex D202 1200 Hex D203 0400 Hex D204 0005 Hex D205 0000 Hex D206 0888 Hex 20 0000 Hex P_ER CF3 ON P_CY CF4 OFF 0.0 ON Why P_ER flag is ON? Program was transmit to CX-Symulator CS1G-CPU45 and it is a copy of example from C200HE operation manual.
  4. C200HE program prtection

    Hello. I work in coking plant in Poland and we operate C200HE CPU-42. I need to adjust PLC's program to new conditions of technology byt when i connected the PLC to PC and tried to upload program from PLC it turned out that the program is protected by password. Is there some software or hardware to break it? The firm which has programed our PLC is already not exist so we can't get the password normally. (sorry for my english)