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  1. Hi dekor,, 

    I need your help in one circut that you made in2017. Using 1 pb to create on off out put I see ur video but I couldn't made it and new in plc world, using s7 300 thank yoi


  2. LM90 upload

    Thank you Steve that was a big  help.and now i open the files on LM90 .  Many thanks
  3. LM90 upload

    Than you for reply, yes program is written using lm90 its old  injection machine, i have download lm90 and i run in xp. But i didnt know how to open the file i have using lm90.there is option to creat new file but open existing file i couldnt do this , i have the files ..PKA , .PKC .PKL  .PKO  .PKR  but i dont know how to open on lm90. I dont have good exp on logic master .
  4. LM90 upload

    Hi every one, i have old injuction machine running through ge  fanuc plc, and now i have lm90 but idont have any experience  with it, i need your help. To pull the program from the.plc