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  1. Ramp program for rslogix500

    What drive are you using?
  2. AB 753 Drive output signal failure

    Easiest thing is to compare parameter 1 and 2. If they match then revisit where the reference is coming from. If they don’t, use the block diagrams in the manual to see where the signal is being changed
  3. CCW V13.0

    Have you tried updating RSLinx?
  4. CCW Developer and Developer ESD

    ESD stands for electronic software delivery. It has to do with licensing and subscription. Logix has the same thing. I believe it has to do with the type of contract you have with Rockwell
  5. CCW V13.0

    What is your OS and version of RSLinx?
  6. PF527 syncronizing, not connecting

    Are you using managed switches?
  7. There is a tech connect tech note that explains more. It basically states what you are saying. Passive will not enable the axis but active will. More information in MOTION-RM003
  8. AOP installation broke module RSL5000

    Can your coworker create the module offline? Just at a different version?
  9. https://rockwellautomation.custhelp.com/app/answers/answer_view/a_id/789872/loc/en_US#__highlight
  10. Creating module in Studio5000

    If the revision or series is missing, the AOP is out of date. Go to RA pcdc and install the latest AOP for the aentr 
  11. PowerFlex DC Drive

    This file cannot be opened by itself. You’ll need to attach a ccwarc file or the entire folder zipped. This is likely a tuning issue. Have you followed the DC user manual?
  12. Powerflex 525 F013 Ground Fault

    Sounds good. Having a ramp time of 0 is not really a good idea anyway. Glad to hear you’ve resolved it
  13. Powerflex 525 F013 Ground Fault

    Does it occur in V/Hz mode? does this occur in Vector mode with the encoder set to open loop?
  14. Powerflex 525 F013 Ground Fault

    Many things can cause this. I’ll start with some basic questions. Are you in vector mode? What v did you megger at? If you fault with no motor connected, meaning disconnected at the output terminals of the drive, it’s likely a bad VFD. Ground fault basically means a current imbalance and the drive assumes it’s going to ground. Start the drive with no motor leads in v/hz mode and measure output v. If balanced V then the drive may be ok but if unbalanced, the drive is for sure bad
  15. Micrologix 1400 to Powerflex 523 on DSI

    Use RA sample code to start https://www.rockwellautomation.com/search/ra-en-US;keyword=525;startIndex=10;activeTab=Sample_Code;spellingCorrect=true;facets=;languages=en;locales=en_GLOBAL,en-US;sort=bma;isPLS=false;sessionID=947f5258-279b-023c-2670-a5cd3e6ccc34;deepLinking=false
  16. Powerflex 700s (Alarm condition)

    Answer is maybe. Drive logix is like a plc. If machines are identical then maybe but you’d have to know the code. If you press start on the panel and the drive doesn’t start, my first step would be to see if the start signal is making it to the drive. It’ll have an io status as well as a logic status. If the bit comes on there then the issue is in the programming of the drive. If not then it’s wiring or the plc 
  17. PowerFlex 755 F12 (HW OverCurrent)

     FV  closed loop mode uses slip regulation. All other modes use slip compensation. You can read about the differences in the manual on these. It’s just a hunch but try setting the flux up time to 0 secs in fv mode. Let me know if it faults in this case. And I haven’t heard of slip used from previous start. I have heard of flux being used from previous start. Try changing the flux current value and then back then start. Let me know if either of these tests work 
  18. PowerFlex 755 F12 (HW OverCurrent)

    An F12 should be resettable. Something else is going on. How big are these drives. How long before they fault after starting?  If you command 0 hz, do you fault?
  19. Powerflex 700s (Alarm condition)

    The 700S doesn’t support ssm. Both A3 and A6 have “changed parameters”. I still think the first thing to be done is to get the alarm code from the alarm queue. To be simple, run the tech support wizard and post it here. It saves the current status of the drive and all non default Params. I’ll be able to tell you what’s wrong from that 
  20. Powerflex 700s (Alarm condition)

    @Lacrim If there is an alarm on your HMI, then it would be whatever the programmer assigned for your HMI. To find out if it is a true drive alarm, check the alarm queue from the HIM. I'm not sure if you're using an A3 or A6 HIM. Either way, there will be an alarm queue. It has the record of the last 100 alarms (assuming it's not been cleared). if you clear the alarm queue, whatever stays is the current alarm. If you have a flashing STS LED, the alarm should appear there.
  21. Powerflex 700s

    You'll need to open the Drivelogix up. Drivelogix is basically a PLC built into the drive called 'DriveLogix' You need to connect to it and open the project to look at the I/O tree in RSLogix 5000. There'll be another ENET connection on the drive, other than an 20-Comm-E. 
  22. Powerflex 700s

    This means there is a device in DriveLogix that likely has a yellow triangle on it
  23. Powerflex 700s (Alarm condition)

    @ElectronGuru A PF70 also does not require input 6 to be an enable. It functions the same way as a 700 or 700S. Input 6 can be what ever you want to program it for. If you pull the hardware enable jumper, then input 6 MUST be the enable input. @Lacrim, is says this on the HIM? Can you give me the alarm number that is in the queue?
  24. Powerflex 700s (Alarm condition)

    What does the alarm queue say?
  25. Powerflex 700s (Alarm condition)

    Alarms don’t reset. They go away when the condition goes away. Is this a 700S or 700vc. What is the catalog number